Bigg Boss Tamil
Sakshi Agarwal out of Bigg Boss Tamil 3.PR Handout

Bigg Boss Tamil has often surprised and shocked the viewers with unexpected evictions. It seems to be coming true again with a surprise elimination as Sakshi Agarwal is being shown the door this week.

Abhirami Ramanathan, Kavin, Cheran, Saravanan, Meera Mitun and Sakshi Agarwal are facing eviction this week. Among the six, the audience wanted to send Meera home in the beginning of the week for constantly picking fights with one or the other inmate over the weeks.

Especially after she complained against Cheran of "man-handling" during a task a few days ago, there was an outrage on social media sites. Yet it is not Meera, but Sakshi Agarwal who is said to be leaving the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 house this week.

Sakshi's behaviour in the show has come under criticism to some extent. People are of the views that she is a clever woman who uses inmates for her personal gains in the house through spreading lies. And her fight with Meera in Friday's episode seems like became a final nail in the coffin as people's belief to evict her from the show became stronger thereafter.

However, the truth will be known only in Sunday's episode. If true, she is the fourth contestant to be eliminated from Kamal Haasan's show after Fathima Babu, Vanitha Vijayakumar and Mohan Vaidya.