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Actor-filmmaker Cheran is having tough times inside Bigg Boss Tamil 3 house. His character is constantly being tested in the show and the way he is being treated by the inmates is now gaining sympathy from the audience.

On Wednesday's episode, Reshma had an altercation with Cheran for a petty issue. Apparently, she was not happy for yelling at her as part of the task.

Later, Reshma made a disrespectful comment at him and his words that he was doing for the task fell on deaf ears. This has not gone well with the fans of Bigg Boss Tamil. The audience are of the view that the inmates should respect his age if not for his achievements in the film industry.

Even Sakshi's reaction to Cheran when he tried to console her in a different situation made people feel pity for him.

Till now, Cheran has never been a people's favourite contestant in Kamal Haasan-hosted show and he only had the backing of his hardcore fans. But the 48-year old seems to have now gained people's sympathy after the latest episode.

Meera Mitun and Saravanan's dislike towards him is only making the audience wonder whether Cheran, a four-time National Award winner, committed a mistake by entering the house.

The fans are of the opinion that Cheran should not have gone to Bigg Boss Tamil stating that the format is not fit for budding talents. The audience on Twitter have registered their support for the filmmaker.

Check out their words below:

Qwerty: U r wrong ! Look at the episode again. #Cheran was a character of #Strict Nattama. Where he should not tell that he is strict nattamai! He should with that character which doesn't even meant to reshma ! But #Reshma created it ! Such a poison #Reshma

Smita Sup: @SmitaSup ·Replying to @BiggBossEnglish
If her life experiences are true I'm afraid it has taught nothing to #Reshma. Doesn't she know what she did to #Cheran is also a form of abuse? She has lost the empathy she gained  

AVIANA J: #Kavin #Sakshi #Losliya #Meera #Reshma I already lost respect on them
In yesterday's episode supporting #Cheran and feel pity on him. First time I am supporting for #Madhumitha point. #Sandy is loosing my support if he continue like this. 2/2

Riism: Ys. Actually #cheran doesnt pointed directly to #reshma actually..if u watch closely..u ll see..he involved with d character.. watever it is, #cheran dignified person came to apologize but its drag n boom by #reshma..
#reshma is so mean when she,approach #cheran n telling DA &FOOL. #reshma undignified person..

sandeep: Loud supporting claps should be given to #Cheran sir this week..IF possible give a standing ovation for his patience.. Mansula Ninnutaru #BiggBossTamil3

Hanitha RadhaKrishnan: When first time i knw #cheran sir is one of the contestant on that day itself i thought he is not fit for this house why he cameAnytime he can be insulted like now happening,for me he is one of the great director cant see him like this#BiggBossTamil3

Vagula Bharanan : #Cheran Best person in #Biggboss3tamil
Why other housemates hurt him and still he apologies to everyone
One who gives more today, definitely earns more in future.
Cheran.. The simple and humble housemate

RaNaSa: #BiggBossTamil #BiggBossTamil3 #meera should ask sorry with #cheran sir... very disrespectful... everyone inside BB are same, but tr should be little respect for his age... from day 1 she shows only attitude... outside BB she is nothing before him..

Dr.Sheldon Cooper: To all the people who is saying #Cheran is shouting at #Meera.
It is meera who is always triggering cheran by picking on what ever he says or does. She then goes and talks ill about cheran to everyone. At last if he burst out at one point, she will make a scene. #BiggBossTamil3

NY: Today more of my votes to #Cheran sir, the inmates need to learn how to respect elders. What his daughterly figure #Losliya doing? Maybe smiling around somewhere in the corner?!

Niruba: My mom is a neutral #biggbosstamil3 viewer, everyday she checks whether cheran sir is getting votes or not. Yday episode can be a game changer for him. #cheran sir can go far in BB. I thought he will be eliminated in first few weeks initially, but now he can be a strong contender

Soonapaana: #reshma how may times does she have to self proclaim that it's her birthday. And whats the need for her to take #cheran personally when it was just a task. She wants all the attention and respect just because it's her birthday

Prime Gamer: I'm a person who cried watching Solla Marandha Kathai! If i had watched a minute more of #Cheran's sad face in last episode! I can guarantee that my eyes would have filled with tears! The man had no support! Not even from the one's he loved
It was the heartbreaking moment of this season for me, when #Cheran asked sorry to #Reshma!
The man deserves way better respect from the house mates! He was there for everyone when they needed some moral support! Always talked with good intentions!

Thaimai: #cheran asked sorry to #reshma is okay..but what #sakshi yelled at him is complete disrespectful...@ikamalhasan must point out this.. think cheran can play his game individually than being wid #losliya a cry baby as she is good for nothing even..

Udhayasoorya: She would again nominate him next week saying he shouted at me and later asked sorry but still i couldnt forgive him. She is a person who has no maturity to think or else she wud hav accepted his apology. #Cheran was like vidukadhaya indha vazhkai #BiggBossTamil

Enchantress2.0: I don't know why a seasoned director/actor like #Cheran agreed to be part of this madcap show‍♀️ he just doesn't fit into this group of sub-standard wannabes. Cud it be money troubles? Rumour has it tat he's the highest paid with 10lacs for this soirée #BiggBossTamil3.