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Gaurav Chopra with VJ Bani sitting in the living area of Bigg Boss 10 houseBiggBoss

The controversial reality show Bigg Boss is gearing up for its 13th season, yet one question that always remained in fans' mind is that whether the show is scripted or original.

Earlier, many ex-contestants have expressed their views on whether Bigg Boss is real or not, but now it seems fans will finally have a clear vision of what happens inside the madhouse as television actor Gaurav Chopra has opened up about it.

Talking to the Times of India, Gaurav, who had participated in Bigg Boss 10, revealed that the show was not his cup of tea and that he has never seen any season of the show. He agreed to be part of it since the makers paid him a handsome amount and considered all his conditions.

"Bigg Boss is not my kind of show, it never was. They had approached me six times before and I had put down my conditions, which they never met. The seventh time when I actually went was the only time they agreed to all the conditions including the big money I asked for," he said.

Further, Gaurav said that feels sorry for the viewers who fall for all the drama that happens inside the house and take it seriously. He also finds it silly as viewers engage in Twitter wars for months. "I find it petty. And I don't like the fact that the audience is taken for a ride and manipulated. I feel bad that the audience is so naive that they fall for what happens on screen. There are people who are just trying to attract attention. People say things they feel in the moment. Nothing is real," Gaurav said.

The actor concluded saying that Bigg Boss is constructed for business and TRP purpose and advised fans to "Watch it, enjoy it but don't fall for it."

Gaurav is currently gearing up for his new show Aghori, where he will play the role of Ishan. The show also stars actors Simran Kaur and Parag Tyagi in pivotal roles.

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