Ravi Krishna
Ravi KrishnaTwitter/StarMaa

The contestants of Bigg Boss have completed 10 weeks in the house and entered 11th week. But before heading to the next week, the elimination process is mandatory and this weekend, as predicted, television actor Ravi Krishna has been eliminated from the house.

Ravi Krishna is second most contestant to enter the house and since the beginning of the show, has got the 'good boy' image and is known as the genuine contestants when compared to the rest of them. In fact it is one of the reasons why many of his fellow contestants and audience like him for.

The toughest time in the house for Ravi was the entry of Tamanna Simhadri. Though she became close to him very soon, she slowly became his rival and has humiliated him in every possible way. But he stood strong with a lot of patience and fought for his respect. Ravi is known to be the most sensitive one too and it has been proved so many times.

Tamanna Simhadri bullying Ravi Krishna inside Bigg Boss Telugu 3 house
Tamanna Simhadri bullying Ravi Krishna inside Bigg Boss Telugu 3 houseScreenshot of hotstar video

He always gave his best in the tasks. He even got hurt during one of the tasks, but still never gave up. Despite the wound on his hand, he took part in tasks and made sure he did his job.

On the whole, this good boy of the house has been eliminated and host Akkineni Nagarjuna was waiting on the stage for Ravi with a ticket to Vijayawada as he so much wanted to see his parents.

Also, while leaving, Ravi asked Shiva Jyothi and Ali Reza to take care of each other and play their game with mind sometimes and not always with heart. He appreciated Sreemukhi for being the strongest and told her not to believe in anyone so easily.

As the grand finale is just five more weeks away, no one escape from the process. Well, this is what has made the show pretty much interesting and entertaining now.