Resham Tipnis, Smita Gondkar, Aastad Kale
Bigg Boss Marathi contestants - Resham Tipnis, Smita Gondkar, Aastad KaleColors Marathi

Resham Tipnis has been eliminated from Mahesh Manjrekar-hosted reality TV show Bigg Boss Marathi, while Smita remained safe inside the house

10.58 pm: Mahesh Manjrekar tells Resham Tipnis: "You played well, you played fair."

10.55 pm: Resham Tipnis gets eliminated and Smita is declared safe. Aastad was shocked to see that Smita getting more votes than him. Aastad declared safe as Resham Tipnis gets eliminated from the Bigg Boss Marathi house.

10.38 pm: Manjrekar will soon announce who is going to get eliminated from the Bigg Boss Marathi house today. Manjrekar tells Smita to step inside the witness stand and asks her to give valid reason why she deserves to be in the Bigg Boss Marathi house. 

10.34 pm: Sai now tears Resham, Aastad, Smita, Sharmishtha and Megha's photo and throws them in the dustbin. Now Pushkar gets up from his seat, picks up Sai's photo and shows it to everyone and says, "I would definitely like to see her in the finale with me." And then heartlessly tears Smita, Resham, Sharmishtha, Aastad and Megha's photo apart. The task is finally over. Going by the tearing of the photographs, Manjrekar says that personally he feels that Resham and Aastad are the weaker contestants which leaves the two upset.

10.28 pm: Now it's Sai's turn. She picks up Pushkar's photo to save him. And as soon as she does that, Manjrekar starts teasing her as it didn't come as a surprise to anyone.

10.23 pm: Majrekar now calls Megha to perform the task. She says she wants to see both Sai and Pushkar in the finale but apart from these two, she also wants Sharmishtha to compete with them saying she had earned her place to be in the finals. She then tears Resham, Aastad, Smita's photo as well as Pushkar and Sai as she already wants them in finals.

10.18: Smita explains she wants to save Resham because she is genuine and true and does every task effectively. Now it's Resham's turn. She says she would like to save Sharmishtha and wants Sai, Pushkar, Megha, Aastad and Smita to be eliminated. She feels Sharmishtha is one of the strongest contestants in the house who could win the finale that's why she wants to save her.

10.13 pm: Now it's Aastad Kale's chance to express his thoughts who should stay and who should be first eliminated from the house. He picks up Smita's photo and keeps it aside. Smita wants to see Resham in the finale as she keeps her photo aside. Smita wants Sharmishtha, Sai, Megha, Pushkar and Aastad to be eliminated.

10.10 pm: Sharmishtha says that she wants to save Megha because she has developed an emotional bond with her as a friend and good human being and wants them to be together when they step out of the house.

10.04 pm: Sharmishtha starts the task. She picks up Megha's photograph and keeps it aside as she wants to see in the finale. Sharmishtha tears Smita's photo as she wants her to get out of the Bigg Boss house first. She next picks up Resham, Sai and Pushkar's photo, tears it in half and throws it in the dustbin. Majrekar now asks Sharmishtha to explain the reason behind it.

10.02 pm: Mahesh Majrekar now explains a simple task to the contestants. One one photographs of all contestants are kept on the table. Manjrekar tells contestants to pick and keep aside the photograph of the person who they want to see in the finale and tear photographs of those they don't want to see in the finale and throw it in the dustbin.

9.57 pm: Mahesh Majrekar asks Pushkar to bring something from the store room. All contestants are stunned to see Pushkar bringing a garbage can and keeps in front of everyone to see.

9.52 pm: Pushkar's mom equally gets emotional and tells him that she was dying to hear his voice. She tells him that everybody in the house are missing you terribly. She tells him that he is playing a good game inside the house and all family members are happy to see him perform. She also praises all the other contestants and calls them winners for reaching so far in the competition. Pushkar tells his mother that he will come to Pune to visit her along with the winning trophy.

9.47 pm: Megha answers - "When I entered the Bigg Boss house, I had only one goal that I will play only to win. But yes, emotions drove me a bit far from my goal and because of that I lost my focus. But it won't happen again I assure you. The people who I wanted are close to me now and we all three will be aiming to win the finale trophy. We will try our level best to do that." Mahesh Manjrekar tells Pushkar that the next caller is for you.

9.44 pm: Caller to Megha - Last week in the given task, we felt as if your performance was rocky because Sai Lokur and Pushkar Jog went against you. Is there anything that you feel that is making you fall short of reaching towards your goals?

9.41 pm: Host Mahesh Manjrekar takes another caller from Seattle.

9.39 pm: Caller from Pune asks question to Megha Dhade. Megha answers, "We actually didn't want to get down from the bullock cart but Bigg Boss had instructed us that three member will have to get down and there was no option for that. Then why to risk ourselves. In the task, we wanted to show Bigg Boss how we are saving ourselves with the given challenges. And when it comes I would never take a backfoot. I will keep playing my game and there is no chance that I would not obey Bigg Boss' orders. That's why I had to get down from the cart as a part of the competition."

The first season of Bigg Boss Marathi, which was launched on April 15, is just one week short from airing its finale episode on July 22. The controversial reality show, which started off with 18 contestants locked inside the house, saw many twists and turns, new relationships and fights, sorrow and compassion.

Week after week, elminations after eliminations, only 7 contestants - Megha Dhade, Pushkar Jog, Resham Tipnis, Sai Lokur, Smita Gondkar, Sharmishtha Raut and Aastad Kale - are remaining inside the Bigg Boss Marathi house who have all pulled their sleeves to win the battle to the finale episode and emerge as the ultimate winner of the season.

On Saturday Weekend Cha Daav episode, host Mahesh Manjrekar gave the contestants a chance to express themselves and make one last confession to each other. While Smita Gondkar criticises Pushkar Jog and Sharmishtha Raut for body shaming her, Megha Dhade apologises to Resham Tipnis.

As per the rules, only 5 contestants will compete against each other to win the season. Manjrekar has already handed over the ticket to finale to Pushkar after winning the task. While fans are rooting for Megha to become the win the BBMarathi show, it remains to be seen who audience have saved by voting for their favourite contestants. Early reports are suggesting that Resham has received less voting from the viewers and has been eliminated from the house.

Keep watching this space for live updates as host Mahesh Manjrekar will announce who will get eliminated from the house this week and miss out on the ticket to finale on today's episode which will air at 9 pm on Colors Marathi.