The 61st episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam was aired on Thursday, and it was loaded with tiffs, controversies, and emotional outbreaks. In the initial moments of the episode, the court task was conducted, and due to an unexpected fight between the contestants, Bigg Boss called off the task and informed housemates that they will not get any luxury points.

Veena's emotional game continues

Veena has been one of the most irritating contestants in Bigg Boss Malayalam's house from the very first episode. During the court task where Veena was the plaintiff and Alexandra was the accused, Veena started crying melodramatically, and it literally irked most of the contestants.

It should be noted that Veena used to cry every day for silly reasons, and social media users believe that the serial actress is doing this to impress female viewers who are fond of television daily soaps.

As Veena continue crying, Alexandra finally told sorry in a very sarcastic manner, and her attitude received positive responses from all other housemates. After coming out of the court, Alexandra added that Veena deserves an Oscar award for her dramatic performance.

Veena fights with Abhirami

Later, a fight broke out between Veena and Abhirami Suresh in the Bigg Boss Malayalam house. It all happened when Veena stared at Abhirami. Abhirami, as expected reacted strongly, and scolded Veena for staring. As Veena continued her emotional melodrama again, Abhirami asked her to stay away. Finally, she even used the word ''Po Thalle'' (Go away, old woman).

In the meantime, Rajith Kumar fell into the swimming pool, and he sustained pelvic injuries. After getting the necessary treatments from the confession room, Rajith Kumar soon returned to the house.

As always, Fukru and Sujo also fought each other in the 61st episode. Even when Sujo remained silent, Fukru was seen intentionally irritating the model. At one point in time, everybody expected that Sujo will physically attack Fukru. However, Raghu intervened and solved the issue.