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The July 26 episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam witnessed many fiery moments as Swetha Menon told Sabu that she is ready to slap Pearle Maaney if she is continuing the melodramatic gimmicks inside the house.

In the latest episode, most of the contestants except Aristo Suresh and Srinish expressed their dissatisfaction over Pearle Maaney's captaincy, and most of them argued that the 'Naayika Nayakan' anchor is a double-faceted woman.

Episode Recap

The episode began with the talks between Suresh, Shiyas and Basheer. At one point of time, Suresh informed Basheer and Shiyas that he is the one who has faced humiliation many times while inside the house. After hearing Suresh's worries, Basheer and Shiyas tried to console him.

Later, Suresh informed Diya Sana that Pearle's comments about Swetha Menon were totally true. However, Diya defended Swetha Menon and made it clear that Swetha is not a person who will behave melodramatically just for the sake of votes.

Suresh informed Diya Sana that Srinish is cleverly cheating Pearle. But Diya Sana revealed that Pearle is a woman with no strong stand on any issue. "I know you like Pearle, but I don't like her," Diya Sana told Suresh.

In the meantime, Anoop Chandran and Diya Sana engaged in a small verbal war. Anoop Chandran insulted Diya Sana stating that nobody in Kerala knows her until the day she entered the Bigg Boss house.

Mohanlal in Bigg Boss Malayalam
Mohanlal in Bigg Boss Malayalam.Asianet

After some time, Aristo Suresh and Pearle Maaney talked about the incidents which happened the day before. Suresh once again informed Pearle that he was very much concerned about her well-being.

During the time of breakfast, Ranjini alleged that Aristo Suresh is a person with a biased attitude. She also blamed Suresh for giving extra care to Pearle Maaney. Suresh argued that Ranjini Haridas is an arrogant person who always shouts for no reason.

As per Ranjini, Suresh has told her many times that she never had any singing talent. Ranjini considered it an insult and made it clear that Suresh only likes Pearle inside the house. Hearing this, Pearle also joined the party and informed Suresh that his words were wrong.

Swetha ready to slap Pearle Maaney

Swetha Menon later talked with Sabumon Abdusamad and informed him that Pearle is always wearing a mask while inside the house. As per Swetha Menon, Pearle Maaney is an artificial person who always tries to gain the sympathy of the audience.

Later, Pearle Maaney requested for ingredients to make 'Payasam' as a part of Sabumon's wedding anniversary. However, Bigg Boss refused to give any food material to make payasam.

In the final moments, Sabumon told Swetha that he can hit down Suresh with ease. Swetha Menon replied that Suresh is her most intimidating enemy in the house.