Bigg Boss
A screengrab from Bigg Boss: Hotstar

The July 24 episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam began with a surprise for the contestants. As the housemates woke up, they were quite surprised to see a school opened inside their house. Pearle Maaney, the captain of the house soon started behaving like a nursery school kid, and Basheer Bashi joined in the antics.

Soon, Bigg Boss announced that the new task's name is 'Amma Malayalam'. Bigg Boss named Diya Sana as the principal of the school, while Anoop Chandran was asked to play the character of the Malayalam teacher. Aristo Suresh was given the charge to teach songs and music for the kids. The major purpose of the school was to teach Malayalam to the contestants. Bigg Boss strictly asked the housemates not to use English while inside the house. Archana Suseelan argued that this task was tailor-made to trouble her.

The school day began with a prayer song. Anoop Chandran entered the class for the first hour. Anoop Chandran started the class with finesse, and he literally showed the mannerisms of a Malayalam teacher we have seen in Kerala government schools. In the meantime, Sabumon complained to the teacher that Pearle Maaney and Srinish are in love.

After some time, Swetha Menon complained to the principal that Anoop Chandran had thrown a chalk on her without any reasons. Anoop Chandran questioned Swetha's move and gave her a punishment. Swetha, without any hesitation, accepted the punishment and stood on her knee for more than an hour.

Later, Sabumon informed Diya that Pearle Maaney is an attention seeker, and she is doing all the gimmicks inside the house to gain the sympathy of the audiences. He added that Srinish's romantic affair with Pearle should be questioned.  Sabumon also talked about the criticism faced by Swetha as she spent a night with Srinish for the successful completion of a task.

In the meantime, Pearle Maaney asked Aristo Suresh to behave happily. She argued that most of the contestants are trying to break her rapport with Suresh.

The class resumed again, and Suresh taught a song to all the contestants. After the class, Swetha Menon lashed out at Anoop Chandran, stating that he has thrown the chalk on her intentionally. Anoop Chandran replied that it was just a harmless act. Swetha Menon soon started crying, and Sabumon tried to console her.

In the night, Sabumon received wedding anniversary gift from his wife.

Later, at midnight, as everybody started sleeping, Srinish woke up and started talking to Pearle Maaney. It seems a strong bond has started developing between the two, and both of them, in all probabilities have fallen in a romantic relationship.