After a week of anxious wait, Bigg Boss Malayalam 5's elimination episode will happen on Sunday night. 

Amid speculations, it has been learned Maneesha and Viber Good Devu have been evicted from the house. 

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5
Maneesha (Left), Devu (Right)YouTube

Even though not official information, close sources to the show have informed exclusively to International Business Times, India edition, that a double eviction is expected to happen today, and Maneesha and Devu will leave the house. 

Earlier, in the promo of the show, host Mohanlal also hinted that this week will feature a double eviction. 

If Maneesha and Devu go out of the house today, audiences are eagerly waiting to know who will get the nomination-free card, and who will be named as the captain. 

The chances of double eviction are high, as serial actress Anu Joseph entered the house on Saturday. 

On Saturday's episode, Mohanlal who appeared on the show via virtual means from Japan had lashed out at Akhil Marar for his derogatory comments against women. 

It should be noted that Akhil Marar, during one of the episodes had said that he used to beat his wife. All the contestants in the house became furious, and housemates like Zereena, and Junais said that Akhil Marar was acting like a dictator in the house.

Mohanlal asked Marar whether it is a credit to beat women.

"Akhil, It is not right to say that you hit your wife. This show is being watched by crores of people. It is not right to proudly say that you beat your women in a public platform," added Mohanlal.

However, Akhil said that he is leading a beautiful life with his wife.