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10.25: Mohanlal invites Ranjini to the floor. Ranjini told Mohanlal that she is quite happy to be eliminated from the house.

10.20: Mohanlal reveals that Ranjini Haridas is out of the house. Sabumon and Ranjini hugs and say Adios. Ranjini Haridas handles the situation without losing her cool, and she told everyone that it is just a game. Archana starts crying. Ranjini Haridas asks Archana not to cry. The Star Singer anchor assured that she will meet everyone once they come outside the house. Ranjini leaves the house with a smile on her face. Contestants including Shiyas asks Aditi how Ranjini was evicted from the house. Archana Suseelan said that the house will be bored due to Ranjini's elimination.

10.10: Mohanlal says that the elimination is inevitable. Mohanlal says that some friendships are special. He hints Ranjini Haridas' and Sabumon's strong bonding inside the house.

10.05: The Superstar now starts talking about the elimination. Mohanlal told the elimination nominees to pack their bags. Srinish and Pearle now starts hugging each other. All other housemates too join their celebrations.

10.00: Ranjini Haridas told Mohanlal that Pearle's wedding should be organized after obtaining the consent of their parents. Sabumon told Mohanlal that he did not think that the relationship between Srinish and Pearle is not thatintense. The Tharikida anchor added that marriage is one of the very important thing in everyone's life. Mohanlal told Srinish and Pearle that he will try to bring their parents to the house.

09.50: Mohanlal asks Pearle whether their love is serious. Both Srinish and Pearle replies that they are very serious regarding their affair. "I like Srinish a lot. I want to spend my life with him," says Pearle. "Pearle is like a child. I like her a lot. I want to make her my life partner," says Srinish. Most of the contestants now starts saying that Pearle and Srinish should marry at the earliest. Mohanlal says that similar incidents have happened in other languages of Bigg Boss.

09.42: Mohanlal now starts talking about the Pearle's romantic affair with Srinish. Archana reveals that Srinish had confessed to him regarding his love towards Pearle. A clip featuring Pearle confessing her love towards Pearle is now being played in front of everyone. Pearle starts smiling with shyness. 

09.34: Its task time. Bigg Boss gives a rope game to the contestants. Housemates now split into two five-member team, and starts the game. The game is now finished, and Ranjini Haridas' team became the winners. 

09.26: Mohanlal is back after the break. He now asks Basheer to explain his action plan as a new captain. Basheer revealed that this week, the kitchen will be handled by male contestants. Mohanlal asked Archana to refrain from her habit of talking to the camera. 

09.18: Suresh revealed that Anoop Chandran did not show any bias towards him during last week. Mohanlal now takes a break. 

09.15: Mohanlal told Hima not to play with weapons. Through these comments, the Superstar was referring to Hima's act where she tried to stab Basheer with a knife. Hima Shankar also starts sharing her disappointment regarding Anoop Chandran's captaincy. 

09.10: Mohanlal told Srinish that audiences have started calling him Batman due to his activities in the night. Ranjini revealed that Anoop Chandran did not perform up to the mark as a captain. Ranjini also alleged that Anoop Chandran is a biased person. Mohanlal asked Pearle why she is so active in the nights. 

09.05: Basheer told Mohanlal that Shiyas is not concerned about fellow housemates. He also alleged that Shiyas' over-eating habit is troubling other contestants. Anoop Chandran started supporting Basheer stating that he is a very trustworthy person. 

09.02: Shiyas now shares his experiences regarding Anoop Chandran's captaincy. Shiyas alleged that Anoop Chandran's captaincy was not up to the mark. The Kochi based model also alleged that Anoop Chandran has tried to make him cry a lot.

09.00: Mohanlal enters the floor. He revealed that the name of the eliminated contestant will be announced today. The Superstar now starts talking with the contestants inside the Bigg Boss Malayalam house. 

Mohanlal, the host of Bigg Boss Malayalam, is expected to announce the name of the contestant who will be eliminated from the house this week on today's episode. A teaser aired by Asianet reveals that Pearle Maaney is the most likely contestant who may face the heat today.

In the teaser, Mohanlal can be seen talking to Pearle Maaney regarding her romantic affair, and later, she can be seen sitting in a very shocked manner.

Pearle Maaney has also apparently openly admitted that she is in deep love with Srinish, and expressed her wish to live with Srinish throughout her life. In the teaser, Ranjini Haridas and other contestants were seen congratulating the couple.

However, in a surprise twist, it has been revealed that Srinish is in love with another girl. The Sunday episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam will not only unravel the name of the person who will be evicted but also unravel the mysteries behind Srinish's romance towards Pearle and the unknown lady.

An International Business Times, India poll indicates that Ranjini Haridas and Pearle Maaney are the most likely contestant who will be eliminated from the house. However, recent trends indicate that Srinish's place in the safe zone is slowly deteriorating over the past few days.

In the initial days of the poll, it was Srinish and Archana who were the most loved contestants among the elimination nominees. But latest IBTimes poll statistics reveal that more than 17.45 percent of readers want Srinish to go out of the house.

In all probabilities, Archana Suseelan and Aristo Suresh may stay inside the house due to their active participation in the luxury tasks. IBTimes readers have also voted in favour of Archana and Suresh. More than 93 percent of our readers want Archana to stay inside the house, while 86 percent wants Suresh to stay safe.

Even though 30 percent of IBTimes readers want Ranjini to go out of the house, she may enter the safe zone comfortably due to her active involvement in tasks and the enhanced entertainment quotient.

In all probabilities, either Srinish or Pearle Maaney will go out of the house today.

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