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10.25 pm: Mohanlal reveals that Hima Shankar failed to impress even in the second coming. Hima joins the host on the stage. The theatre actress reveals that she cannot change her character for other's sake.

10.18 pm: Bigg Boss reveals that Aditi can stay in the house as audiences have supported her. As Aditi comes back to the house, all the contestants now jumps with joy. Shiyas seems to be the happiest contestant who rejoiced a lot after Aditi's reentry.  Mohanlal confirms that Hima Shankar is out of the house.

10.16 pm: Bigg Boss asks Hima to get out of the house through the backdoor of the confession room. From the garden, Shiyas loudly calls Aditi. We can now see Aditi in the confession room. Her eyes are blind folded.

10.14 pm: Hima confesses that she is a bad girl. She once again assured that she has deep love towards Sabumon. Hima informs Bigg Boss that Aditi was the contestant who had always supported her.

10.12 pm: Bigg Boss informs Hima that she was once eliminated and have returned the house as a wild card entry. Hima told Bigg Boss that she spoiled the opportunity. Bigg Boss informs Hima that audiences have voted against her. Bigg Boss tells Hima that she is eliminated from the house. Hima informs Bigg Boss she feels a connection with Sabumon even now.

10.10 pm: Bigg Boss asks Hima to come to the confession room. While in the confession room, Hima starts crying loudly without any control.

10.05 pm: Mohanlal asks Hima, Aditi and Archana to stand up. The Superstar now informs that Archana is also safe. Hima and Aditi are now in the danger zone. Mohanlal informs Aditi that she is out of the house. He asks Aditi to pack the bags and come out of the house. Hima Shankar starts crying.

10.00 pm: Srinish informs Mohanlal that Team A has won the game. Mohanlal now takes a break The Superstar is back He now starts talking about the much anticipated elimination. Mohanlal asks Shiyas whether he is afraid to go out of the house. Shiyas tells Mohanlal that he wishes to win the contest. Mohanlal informs Shiyas that he is safe and will remain in the house.

9.55 pm: The buzzer rings, and the task is over. Bigg Boss is yet to announce the winners of the task. Srinish informs Mohanlal that Team A has won the game.

9.50 pm: Sabumon's team and Shiyas' side now starts fighting each other for alleged foul play. Even though Srinish tried to control the scene, housemates remain adamant and continues fighting.

9.45 pm: The task begins. Shiyas jumps into the pool for one team. Soon Sabu also jumps into the water for the opposite side. Both the teams now tries vigorously to solve the picture puzzle.

9.40 pm: The task name is 'Iruvar'. Bigg Boss announces that everyone in the world have a second face which they usually hide from everyone. The contestants are now asked to split into two groups. The task is basically a puzzle task. The parts to rearrange the puzzle is deposited in the swimming pool, and contestants should take these missing parts from the pool, and should take it to the land. Srinish, the reigning captain of the house is being now named as the referee.

9.35 pm: In the meantime, Sabumon alleges that Hima is a person with an over melodramatic attitude. Mohanlal now informs the contestants they should play a task before he announces the elimination. As housemates wait to do the task, Mohanlal takes a break.

9.31 pm: The Superstar now congratulates Aditi for becoming the captain of the house. Mohanlal now asks Aditi about the challenges which she may face next week. Aditi informs Mohanlal that she should learn from the elders inside the house. The new captain also added that she should learn more from Sabumon Abdusamad who is a very competitive player.

9.25 pm: Mohanlal talks to Hima regarding her issues with Sabumon. Hima informs Mohanlal that she reacted just because Sabumon abused her parents. The host asked Suresh about the problems inside the house. Suresh told Mohanlal that the house is now filled with anarchy.

Mohanlal, on yesterday's episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam, revealed that the name of the evicted housemate will be announced on today's episode. Four housemates--Shiyas Kareem, Archana Suseelan, Hima Shankar and Aditi Rai -- are in this week's elimination list.

IB Times poll reveals that Shiyas Kareem will easily make his way to the safe zone this week. 43.07 percent of our readers argue that Shiyas should stay inside the house. Shiyas' innocent behaviour and his strong rapport with Pearle Maaney and Srinish have played a crucial role in elevating his acceptance among the audiences.

In all probabilities, Hima Shankar will be eliminated from the house this week. Yesterday, Mohanlal strongly asked Hima to stop her irritating behaviour and he indirectly hinted that such dirty character should be shown only in her house. It should be also noted that more than 84 percent of IB Times readers want Hima to get evicted.

Aditi has been selected as the captain of the house for next week by the contestants on Friday. However, if double elimination happens today, Aditi or Archana Suseelan may go out of the house with Hima.

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