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A Screengrab from Bigg Boss Malayalam: Hotstar

10.33: Mohanlal now starts talking about elimination. The Superstar asks the four contestants to stand up. He once again asks the contestants to use decent language while inside the house, and reveals that the name of the evicted person will be released tomorrow. 

10.22: Mohanlal is back on the floor. He engages in a casual talk with the housemates. Mohanlal tells Srinish that Shiyas is a very lazy man. 

10.17: Housemates complete the task successfully.

09.56: Mohanlal now gives a new task to the housemates. The task will be carried out in the garden area. During the task contestants should rotate a spinwheel, and should follow the game instructions. 

09.50: Mohanlal is back on the floor. The Superstar asked the contestants to show their ego only in their own houses. Upon Mohanlal's request, Shiyas imitated three different characters which Vikram portrayed in the Superhit movie 'Anniyan'. 

09.44: Hima alleges that Archana Suseelan and Ranjini are the ones who initially sowed Sabumon's presence on her mind. Hearing this Archana lashed out at Hima stating that she is a person who used to create things from thin air. 

09.38: Mohanlal leaves the floor for a while, and Hima once again starts negative talks with Sabumon. Hima told Archana that she behaved in a cute manner to Sabumon in the initial days. However, Sabumon revealed that Hima's frustrations will not work on him even for a minute when he is outside the Bigg Boss house. 

09.34: Mohanlal asked Hima whether she will hit Sabumon. Hima revealed that she will not hit Sabumon. The Superstar requested Hima and Sabu to never repeat the same kinds of acts again while inside the house. 

09.31: Hima informed Mohanlal that she was in love with Sabumon. The theater artist added that she missed Sabumon after she was evicted from the house initially. 

09.28: Mohanlal warned Hima and Sabu that they are using foul language inside the house. The Superstar also scolded Sabumon and Hima for manhandling each other. Sabun informed Mohanlal that Hima's attitude inside the house is not good. 

09.26: Mohanlal now asks Hima about the reason why which she made herself drenched in rain. Hima told Mohanlal that she used to gaze at the skies when she feels sad. Mohanlal asked Hima about her issues with Sabumon Abdusamad. Hima said that Sabu has never tried to avoid her.

09.15: Hima Shankar confessed that she failed to meet the norms and laws of the Bigg Boss house due to her open-minded personality. Aditi Rai also added that the show is not at all scripted. 

09.09: Mohanlal now informs the housemates that audiences have a doubt regarding the credibility of Bigg Boss. The Superstar now asks Suresh whether the show is scripted. Suresh told that there are no scripts inside the show, and all the happenings inside the house are genuine. Sabumon also reveals that the show is spontaneous and is not scripted. 

09. 08: Mohanlal now talks about the issues inside the house. He asked whether Satan has entered the Bigg Boss Malayalam house. Mohanlal lauded Shiyas for his new looks. 

09.00: Mohanlal enters the floor. He now shows the major happenings which occurred last week. The Superstar now asks Suresh to sing a song based on Kalabhavan Mani. Suresh sings the song and everybody appreciate him. 

Mohanlal, the Mollywood superstar who hosts Bigg Boss Malayalam, will announce the name of the evicted contestant either today or tomorrow. Four contestants- -- Aditi Rai, Shiyas Kareem, Archana Suseelan and Hima Shankar -- are now named in the nomination list.

After analyzing the audiences' poll, Mohanlal will announce the name of the housemate who will be evicted from the house this weekend.

As per social media trends and the poll conducted by IB Times India, Hima Shankar is the most likely housemate who will be evicted. Hima had recently engaged in some dirty clashes with Sabumon Abdusamad, and it will negatively impact her during the elimination process.

During the Saturday episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam, Mohanlal will surely discuss the problems that persist between Hima Shankar and Sabumon. In a recently released teaser, Mohanlal was seen scolding the duo, and at one point in time, he makes it clear that doors are open for contestants who do not know basic decency.

Shiyas Kareem is the most likely contestant who will enter the safe zone comfortably this weekend. Even though short-tempered, Shiyas has succeeded in capturing the hearts of the audiences through his comic mannerisms and this will surely help him in his further journey in Bigg Boss.

Archana Suseelan and Aditi are also expected to be declared safe either today or tomorrow.

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