Finally, it's a piece of happy news for Bigg Boss fans in Kerala. The most popular reality show in Malayalam, Bigg Boss Malayalam, is poised to come back with its fourth season. The first promo for Bigg Boss was released on social media a few days back, much to the delight of the show's devoted fans. According to the production team, the show is scheduled to premiere on March 27, 2022.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 4: Most-anticipated Malayalam show

Along with the promo, the team has also presented the new season's logo, which is distinctive and stunning. Interestingly, the popular Bigg Boss Malayalam background song appears to be different from the last three seasons.

Bigg Boss
A Screengrab from Bigg Boss Malayalam: Hotstar

According to sources connected to Bigg Boss Malayalam 4, the season's theme song may face a significant change, as the makers are contemplating a thorough overhaul. Fans are waiting for the next promos to know more about this season.

Will Santhosh Pandit enter the show?

The contestants for this reality show are yet to be revealed. However, several netizens strongly believe that popular actor and YouTuber Santhosh Pandit will make his grand entry to the house. 

Santhosh Pandit's name used to pop out every time Asianet announces the show. However, until now, he has not entered the house. 

In 2018, during the launch of the first season of Bigg Boss Malayalam, Santhosh Pandit talked exclusively with IB Times India and had opened up about some criteria that should be implemented while finalizing contestants. 

"If I am the producer of this show, I will select people based on various criteria. To make things clear, shows like these have huge potential, and they can play a direct role in shaping our society. But this good intention will not work if channels are always keen on choosing only celebrities for the show," said Pandit. 

Pandit added, "Obviously, I will include five or six top celebrities, for the sake of TRP channel ratings. But I will be very careful while choosing the remaining eight participants. For example, I will include an ex-army man, a retired police officer, a farmer, a lawyer, a teacher and a doctor." 

Some other names that are considered possible contestants in Bigg Boss Malayalam 4 are TikTok influencer Pala Saji, snake catcher Vava Suresh, and actor Jiya Irani.