The Easter episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 was eventful, as Mohanlal welcomed evicted contestant Remya Panicker back to the house again. It was on the 35th day of the show that Remya Panicker got eliminated from the house, and on the 50th day, she has made her grand re-entry to the house. It should be noted that Remya Panicker was eliminated at a time when she started showing signs of emerging as a strong contestant. 

Remya Panicker's different game plan

As Remya Panicker made her re-entry to the house, audiences expected that she will befriend the Firoz Khan-Sajna duo who are considered the strongest contestants inside the house. However, the latest promo released by Asianet indicates that Remya Panicker has decided to adopt a different gameplay strategy. 

Remya Panicker
Bigg Boss Malayalam contestant Remya PanickerDisney Hotstar

In the promo, Remya Panicker can be seen locking horns with Firoz Khan. At one point in time, she even goes a step ahead and claims that Firoz Khan's cheap tricks will work only in front of his wife Sajna. 

As Remya Panicker gets into a fight with Firoz Khan, Sajna Firoz can be seen weeping on another side of the house. Remya Panicker's new gaming strategy could also irritate netizens, as Firoz enjoys a huge fan following on social media platforms. 

Manikuttan upset with Soorya

In the meantime, Manikuttan, another popular contestant in Bigg Boss Malayalam had openly expressed his dissatisfaction regarding Soorya G Menon. While in the confession room, Manikuttan informed Bigg Boss that he is not happy with the way Soorya is trying to lure him. He also added that Soorya's behavior towards him will deteriorate his public image. 

In today's episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam, contestants will name the housemates who will come under nomination this week. In all probabilities, Sandhya Manoj will go out of the house this week, as she has been inactive throughout this edition of the show.