As the third season of Bigg Boss Malayalam progresses steadily, the house has already become a gossiping ground. Veteran dubbing artist Bhagyalakshmi, along with Sandhya Manoj and Kidilan Firoz have already formed a gang now, and instead of playing the game fairly, the trio is spending time gossiping about others. 

Bhagyalakshmi shows her real face

While entering the Bigg Boss Malayalam house, Bhagyalakshmi was the most popular contestant, as she has been active in Mollywood for several decades. However, after entering the show, Bhagyalakshmi started showing her true colors, and in several instances, she loudly proclaimed that she is a person with an impeccable career. Recently, she told one of the housemates that Ramzan Mohammed is an arrogant personality who does not know how to respect elders. 

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In the yesterday's episode, Sai Vishnu offered lemon juice to everyone. However, Bhagyalakshmi denied his offer and told that she is not ready to drink something that is being offered by Sai. Later, Bhagyalakshmi arrogantly claimed that she will not eat anything prepared by Firoz Khan and Sajna Firoz. 

Sandhya Manoj to go out this week

As things get heated up inside the Bigg Boss Malayalam house, audiences are eagerly waiting for this week's elimination. Considering the recent trend, Sandhya Manoj is the most likely contestant who may go out of the house this week. The dancer has been very inactive throughout the season, and it will be one of the main reasons which will pave her the way out of the house. 

Moreover, Sandhya Manoj's friendship with Bhagyalakshmi has also irked audiences. Adding up the salt to the already bleeding wound, Sandhya Manoj recently fought with Manikuttan and Firoz Khan, two of the most popular contestants in Bigg Boss Malayalam. If Sandhya gets out of the house, Bhagyalakshmi and Firoz will surely face the heat, as all the other contestants may target the duo.