Actress Vyjayanti Adiga has got engaged to Sooraj Sanjay. The event was held virtually with limited attendance from her family.

Vyjayanti Adiga Gets Engaged Sooraj Sanjay
Vyjayanti Adiga Gets Engaged Sooraj Sanjay.Vyjayanti Adiga Instagram

The actress shared the news of her virtual engagement on her social media pages. It looks like they were in a relationship for quite some time. There are a couple of pictures of them indicating that they were in love before getting engaged.

In one of her posts, Vyjayanti revealed that a toy that had been with her since childhood was in the hands of her fiancee.

On her Instagram, she shared a few pictures and wrote, "It's the little things in life :)

So my father bought this soft toy for me when I was a year old, from the Kemp Fort/Kids Kemp stores then! And yes, it's 25 years old now :)

I still love it for how real it's Goli eyes look! Growing up, I've done a couple of photo shoots with it (swipe left), taken it with me on many trips and used to sleep with it every night for many years.
 Surprisingly, I never gave it a name but it was undoubtedly my most favorite stuffed toy!

It found itself a cozy place in my cupboard once I turned 6 or 7!

I gave away a lot of my other stuffed toys to kids in the family later on but somehow never had the heart to give this away so it stayed with me :)

And once Suraj learnt about this, he said that he wanted to keep it with him while he was away. He named it Vyju lite

She's keeping him company now and they eat, work and sleep together! He also sends me updates on how she's doing with such selfies! She's always in the background when On video calls!

I love how a part of my childhood is kept alive :) Thanks Sheru ❤️@surajjog5
 Suraj also brought a Teddy as it's Jodi! (Last picture). [sic]"

However, the wedding date has not been announced, yet.