Bigg Boss Kannada Elimination
The above contestants face elimination test on Bigg Boss Kannada 7.Voot

Chandan Achar has once again landed in the danger zone in Bigg Boss Kannada 7. Apart from him, RJ Prithvi, Bhoomi Shetty, Kishan, Raju Thalikote and Shine Shetty are facing the elimination test in the seventh week in Kiccha Sudeep-hosted show.

The nomination process was conducted slightly differently this week. Instead of just naming two contestants, the inmates were asked to take two names and divide five marks among them for this week's elimination with minimum being one and maximum being four marks.

Chandan Achar Gets Maximum Votes
As expected, most of the inmates gave four marks for Chandan Achar. He got a total number of 19 marks, the highest, for this week's elimination. His aggressive behaviour and losing his mind during the tasks have not gone well with the participants.

It has to be noted that Chandan Achar, except for the first week, has been nominated all the weeks and survived five times in a row.

Other Participants
RJ Prithvi has secured 16 marks. His lack of participation in the tasks in the last week has earned him so much of votes. Bhoomi Shetty, who created an unnecessary drama last week during a task, has got eight votes, while Kishan has garnered five votes in Bigg Boss Kannada.

Raju Thalikote was directly nominated by Sujatha, who was eliminated last week, before leaving the house. Shine Shetty was nominated by new captain Kuri Prathap.

Kuri Prathap said that Shine Shetty had nominated him last week. So, he is pushing the latter to the danger zone. Who among the five will be out of the show? Vote

So far, Gurulinga Swamy, Ravi Belagere, Chaitra Vasudevan, Duniya Rashmi, Chaitra Kottur, Jai Jagadish and Sujatha have been evicted from Sudeep's show.