Bigg Boss Kannada 6
The first contestant from Bigg Boss Kannada 6 will be evicted from Sudeep's show this week.Colors Super Facebook Page

The stage is set for the first elimination on Bigg Boss Kannada season 6. In the opening week, there are 11 contestants facing eviction on Kiccha Sudeep-hosted show.

Adam, Shashi Kumar, Naina Puttaswamy, Andy, Reema, Sonu Patil, Rakshita Rai, Anand, Murali, Akshata and AV Ravi are in the danger zone.

Our Prediction:

Among the 11, Murali has a sizeable fan following and AV Ravi along with Shashi has impressed the viewers through their active participation in the tasks this week. Hence, they are expected to be safe.

Adam, Andy and Sonu Patil have given content to Bigg Boss Kananda 6 and showed eagerness to be in the show. That leaves Naina, Reema, Rakshita Rai, Anand and Akshata in the danger zone.

Anand is a common man and he might be given some time to settle down as evicting him at the early stage might send out a wrong message to the public as people might get an impression that the Kiccha Sudeep-hosted show is meant only for celebs.

Akshata is a talented woman who has the qualities to prove her mettle in the weeks to come. Till yesterday's episode, it appeared like Reema might be shown the door, but her bonding with Rakesh might save her. There are sparks of romance in their friendship and they might have content in the days to come.

Our prediction is one among Rakshita Rai and Naina Puttaswamy might be shown the door with the chances of elimination standing at 40:60 ratio.