Raju Thalikote is evicted from Kiccha Sudeep-hosted Bigg Boss Kannada 7. His journey has ended on the ninth week of Colors Kannada's show. This week, Shine Shetty, Vasuki, Chandan Achar, Raju Thalikote, Kishan, Bhoomi Shetty and Chaithra Kottur were in the danger zone.

On Satuday's episode, Vasuki, Shine Shetty, Kishan and Bhoomi Shetty were announced safe. On Sunday's episode, Sudeep announced Chandan Achar to be safe and Thalikote-Kottor were the last two contestants who were facing elimination test.

In the end, Raju Thalikote got lesser votes for his survival. In fact, Kottur manage to escape with marginal votes. Before leaving the house, he was asked to nominate one candidate for the next week's elimination and he sugged Kurti Prathap. 

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While Raju Thalikote, Bhoomi Shetty, Shine Shetty, Vasuki, Chandan Achar and Chaithra Kottur are pushed to the danger zone based on the votes of the inmates, Kishan is nominated directly by Chandana, captain of the house this week.

Who will be evicted from Bigg Boss Kannada 7 in 9 week?
Shine Shetty and Vasuki have been good in the tasks this week.Although they came out from their characters on a few occasions and crossed their limits yet times, it has not impacted their popularity. At this stage, they are the two contestants who are most likely to enter the finale. Hence, there is no chance of their eviction.

Bigg Boss Kannada Nomination - Week 9
These are the contestants who are facing elimination in Bigg Boss Kannada 7 in the 9th week.Colors Kannada Facebook Account

Chandan Achar and Kishan too have done well in the tasks this week. The former is getting tremendous support from the audience for the way the inmates are treating him. The inmates' reactions to his actions is helping him to survive in the game.

Whereas Kishan's performance in the physical task against Shine has impressed the viewers. If he plays the same way, he is sure to make it to the finale. So, these two contestants are not going out of Sudeep's show this week. That leaves Raju Thalikote, Bhoomi Shetty and Chaithra Kottor in the danger zone.

Raju Thalikote was really good in the tasks this week although he suffered a few physical blows during the task. His energy levels have improved compared to the previous weeks. He is the most senior inmate in the house. For his age, he is giving his best and has support of the North Karnataka audience. He is going to be safe this week.

So, one among Chaithra Kottor and Bhoomi Shetty will be evicted from Bigg Boss Kannada 7. The former has actually performed well in the task and won the Best Performer of the Week title from the captain of the house.

She was not that irriating this week and raised some good logical points which have been noted by the viewers which could possibly work in favour of her. Whereas Bhoomi Shetty's performance has not improved even in this week. She is still under the shadow of Vasuki which seems to be proving her costly in Sudeep-hosted show.

Final Word: Either Kottor or Shetty will be eliminated from Colors Kannada's show in the ninth week with the latter having maximum chance of getting evicted.