Bigg Boss Kannada
These contestants are in the danger zone in Bigg Boss Kannada 7 first week.PR Handout

Chaithra Kotoor, Chaitra Vasudevan, Gurulinga Swamy, Pratap, Raju Thalikote, Ravi Belagere along with Kuri Prathap have entered the danger zone in the first week of Bigg Boss Kannada 7.

Gurulinga Swami and Chaithra Kotoor received a total of seven votes, each, during the nomination process from the inmates. Ravi Belagere and Raju Thalikote got five and four votes, respectively. Surprisingly, Chaitra Vasudevan and Chandana both received three votes, but only the former is made to face the elimination test by the Bigg Boss. 

Most of the inmates cited Belagere's heath issues as the major reason for suggesting his name, while Kotoor seems to have failed to strike a bond with the most of them which, apparently, was the reason why they took her name.

Prior to it, the housemates were asked to choose three contestants unanimously for the captaincy task. The inmates pick Kuri Prathap, Bhoomi and Kishen Bilagali. Three boxes were placed in the garden area containing secret messages.

Three contestants stood in front of the boxes and opened one after the other. When Prathap unlocked his box, it was revealed that he was directly nominated. Bhoomi was in for a big surprise after she unlocked her box to find a board with a word 'captain' written on it.

Thus she became the captain of the house in the first week of Bigg Boss Kannada 7. Whereas Kishen found a board with the message 'Immunity' and he remained safe from the nomination this week.

Here is how the inmates voted during the nomination process:

Harish Raj: Chaithra Kotoor, Gurulinga Swamy
Priyanka: Ravi Belagere, Jai Jagadish
Chandan Achar: Ravi Belagere, Shine Shetty
Chaithra Kotoor: Chaitra Vasudevan, Chandana
Raju Thalikote: Ravi Belagere, Gurulinga Swamy
Kishen Bilagali: Ravi Belagere, Deepika Das
Jai Jagadish: Chaithra Kotoor, Chandana
Deepika Das: Chaithra Kotoor, Gurulinga Swamy
Rashmi: Chandana, Raju Thalikote
Gurulinga Swamy: Ravi Belagere, Jai Jagadish
Chandana: Gurulinga Swamy, Chaithra Kotoor
Chaitra Vasudevan: Gurulinga Swamy, Raju Thalikote
Ravi Belagere: Gurulinga Swamy, Raju Thalikote
Vasuki Vaibhav: Chaithra Kottur, Deepika Das
Shine Shetty: Raju Thalikote, Chaitra Vasudevan
Sujatha: Chaithra Kotoor, Gurulinga Swamy
Pratap: Chaithra Kotoor, Chaitra Vasudevan
Bhoomi: Sujatha, Harish Raj

How to vote to save your favourite contestant?

Netizens can log into the Voot website and search for Sudeep's Bigg Boss Kannada 7 show in the search box. Upon landing in the Bigg Boss Kannada page, there will be a banner with the words – VOTE TO SAVE YOUR FAVOURITE CONTESTANT – written on it.

1 - Click on the banner.
2 - The names along with the pictures of the inmates in danger will be seen.
3 - Click on the picture and press the submit button to vote for your favourite contestant.

Please note that you should log in to the Voot page using your Facebook or through your e-mail ID.