Bigg Boss Kannada 6
One among the nine contestants in danger zone in Bigg Boss Kannada 6.Colors Super Facebook Page

The sixth season of Bigg Boss Kannada has entered its fourth week. After three contestants were shown the door, the nomination for the latest week was held and aired on Monday, November 12.

Dhanraj, Naina Puttaswamy, Anand, Shashi Kumar, Kavitha Gowda, Adam Pasha, Rapid Rashmi, MJ Rakesh and Andy are the nine contestants who are facing the elimination this week.

While Andy, Rakesh, Rashmi, Shashi, Kavitha, Anand and Dhanraj were nominated based on the inmates' votes, Naina and Adam were pushed directly to the danger zone by captain Sonu Patil in Sudeep hosted show.

It looks like Andy's behaviour has irked a lot of members in the house and the anger was reflected during the nominations. He got six votes followed by Rakesh, who received five votes from the Bigg Boss Kannada 6 participants. Rashmi, Kavitha and Anand received three votes, each.

Here is how the inmates nominated two names each:

Jayashree: Rakesh and Rashmi
Murali: Kavitha, Rakesh
Ravi: Adam, Rakesh
Dhanraj: Andy, Rashmi
Shashi: Andy and Rakesh
Anand: Shashi and Dhanraj
Rapid Rashmi: Andy and Kavitha
Naina: Murali and Andy
Andy: Naveen and Shashi
Rakesh: Anand and Kavitha
Adam: Anand and Rashmi
Kavitha: Andy and Rakesh
Naveen: Andy and Shashi
Akshata: Dhanraj and Anand