Shashi Kumar is the Winner of Bigg Boss Kannada 6
Shashi Kumar is the winner of Bigg Boss Kannada 6.PR Handout

Shashi Kumar has emerged victorious in the sixth season of Bigg Boss Kannada. He defeated Naveen Sajju, Kavitha Gowda, Andy and Rapid Rashmi, who had entered the last stage of Kiccha Sudeep-hosted Kannada show.

Naveen Sajju has become the runner-up, while Kavitha Gowda has ended at the third position. Andy and Rapid Rashmi are at the fourth and fifth places, respectively.

Shashi Kumar has bagged a trophy and a cash prize of Rs 50 lakh. After winning the trophy, he thanked all the contestants and people who voted for him. He said that the winning amount will be used to educate the farmers on using the technology to get higher yields from the agricultre.

The results have not come as a surprise to the readers of The International Business Times as they got it with cent percent accuracy. 

However, the audience, on social media, wanted Dhanraj to win the season. His participation and simplicity had won the hearts of the audience. Unfortunately, he was evicted a few days before the grand finale.

The show was kick-started with 18 contestants on 21 November. Like every year, this time Colors Super did not bring in many big celebrities rather roped in more number of commoners in Sudeep-hosted show.

Andy aka Andrew, theatre artist Akshata Pandavapura,Adam Pasha, cricketer Rakshita Rai, BMTC bus driver Anand, Shashi Kumar and Reema were the commoners. Whereas Sonu Patil, actress Jayashree, RJ Rakesh, Oggarane Dabbi fame Murali, RJ Rapid Rashmi, Kavitha Gowda, actor and body-builder AV Ravi, singer Naveen Sajju, actress Sneha Acharya, actress Naina Puttaswamy and voice-over artist Dhanraj were considered as celebrities in Bigg Boss Kannada 6.

Jeevitha and Megashree were the wild-card entrants. The show had the participation of 20 contestants.

In the end, five celebrities have made it to the grand finale. The first part was the show was aired on Saturday and second and last part was telecast on Sunday at 8 pm on Colors Super.

In total, the grand finale was an eight-hour package filled with fun, emotional and masala moments.

The grand finale of Kiccha Sudeep-hosted Bigg Boss Kannada 6 will be aired on Sunday, 27 January. After Rapid Rashmi and Andu was evicted on Saturday, Kavitha Gowda, Shashi Kumar and Naveen are in the race to win the trophy this season. Here, we bring you live updates of the show.

Live Updates:

11.45 pm: Shashi is the winner of the sixth season of Bigg Boss Kannada 6, while Naveen Sajju has ended up as a runner up.
11.28 pm: Kiccha Sudeep enters the house and brings the two finalists on stage. 

11.05 pm: Special videos of Shashi and Naveen are played.
11.05 pm: Sudeep thanks everyone who is involved in the show.
11.00 pm: A special video of compilation of memorable moments of Bigg Boss Kannada 6.
10.53 pm: Kavitha says that she has no regrets and she enjoyed her every minute of her stay in the house. However, the only incident that she would like to change is the week in which a lot of drama occured arounding her and Andy. She wants Shashi to win the trophy.
10.44 pm: Kavitha Gowda is on stage. She is satisfied with her performance and thanks the show for being part of the show. She looks calm and gives credit to her mother for her growth in her career.
10.36 pm: Kavitha Gowda has been eliminated. Shashi and Naveen enter the last stage.
10.30 pm: Time for the next elimination.
10.15 pm: A special video of Sudeep's journey aired. Also, he gets an expensive bike as a gift from the channel.
10.00 pm: Chandan Shetty, the winner of Bigg Boss Kannada 5, entertains the viewers with a performance. He says that his life has changed after participating in the show.
9.57 pm: Who will be the winner? Read our prediction

9.48 pm: Sonu Patil bags Prema Chari Award.
9.40 pm: Akshata bags 'Aiyo Drama Award.'
9.20 pm: Murali talks about what the contestants would have done if they win Rs 50 lakh.
9.09 pm: According to him, Naveen might be out next and Shashi would be the winner. But he wants Naveen to win.
9.03 pm: A special video of his journey being telecast.
9.00 pm: Andy apologises to all the contestants for hurting the inmates during his stay. He breaks into tears and Sudeep comes to console him.
8.52 pm: Andy comes on stage and talks about his journey. He says that he wanted to leave the house with his heads high. After listening to all the negative things about him from them, he was not interested to pose with them for a selife before coming out of the house which could have been, according to him, was fake.
8.40 pm: Fun and more fun. The three finalists open up about those who secrettly farted in the house.
8.31 pm: The channel comes up with a special video showcasing fun moments of the show in 100 days.
8.25 pm: Kavitha apologises to Andy stating that she could have handled the issue better way. The actress says that she should not have taken their issue before others and it was she who first spoke about a particular incident in front of other inmates in a task.
8.15 pm: The inmates' share their views on who is going to win. Many take Naveen's name. Is is going to win? Looking at their response, Naveen will end up easily at least at the second place. Who will be eliminated next?
8.10 pm: Sudeep speaks to the family members of the three finalists. Also with the participants, who took part in this season.
8.05 pm: The video of how the 3 contestants spent their last day at the house is shown now.
8.00 pm: The finale begins with the three finalists performing for 'Geleya geleya' song from Chakravyuha.

Bigg Boss Kannada 6 Grand Finale
One among Naveen, Kavitha and Shashi will be the winner of Bigg Boss Kannada 6.PR Handout