Bigg Boss Kannada 6: Contestant 18 - Dhanraj
Dhanraj is one of the contestants to enter Bigg Boss Kannada 6.Colors Kannada Facebook Account

Dhanraj has failed to reach the grand finale of Bigg Boss Kannada 6 as he is eliminated from the show in the episode aired on Monday, 21 January. As a result, Rapid Rashmi, Andy, Shashi, Naveen and Kavitha have entered the last stage of Sudeep-hosted show.

He had entered the house on the first day with the hopes of winning the trophy. Indeed, Dhanraj had managed to impress the audience with his simplicity, honesty and his participation in the task.

Going by the trends online, people were hoping that Dhanraj would be safe this week and there was a strong chance of Naveen getting eliminated from Sudeep-hosted show. However, Dhanraj's eviction has left the fans of the show in a state of a shock.

Now, Kavitha, Rashmi, Andy, Shashi and Naveen will fight for the coveted trophy with a cash prize of Rs 50 lakh. However, the prize might vary if any of the contestant refuses to enter the last stage by taking Rs 10 lakh money.

Sonu Patil, Andy aka Andrew (common man), actress Jayashree, RJ Rakesh, Oggarane Dabbi fame Murali, theatre artist Akshata Pandavapura (common man), cricketer Rakshita Rai (commoner), RJ Rapid Rashmi, Adam Pasha (common man), Kavitha Gowda, actor and body-builder AV Ravi, Shashi Kumar (common man), Reema (commoner), singer Naveen Sajju, actress Sneha Acharya, BMTC bus driver Anand (common man), actress Naina Puttaswamy and voice-over artist Dhanraj had entered the house on October 21 on Bigg Boss Kannada.