Chandan Shetty is the winner of Bigg Boss Kannada 5
Chandan Shetty is the winner of Bigg Boss Kannada 5.Colors Kannada Facebook Account

Chandan Shetty has become the winner of fifth season of Bigg Boss Kannada. Diwakar is the runner-up, while Jayaram Karthik has ended at the third place.

The rapper was the hot favourite to win the trophy and as predicted by polls he has emerged victorious. He has walked away with a trophy with a prize of Rs 50 lakh.

For the first time, the runner-up is getting a cash prize as Diwakar received Rs 1 lakh prize. JK has won a cash prize of Rs 2 lakh and a gift voucher for winning two tasks during his stay in the house.

Earlier Updates

Chandan Shetty, Diwakar and Jayaram Karthik are in the last stage of Bigg Boss Kannada 5 after Shruti Prakash and Nivedita Gowda's eliminations. The second day of the grand finale will be aired on Sunday. Here, we bring you the live updates of the Sudeep-hosted reality show:

11.47 pm: That is the end of the fifth season.
11.40 pm: The 18 contestants come on stage for the one last time.

11.34 pm: Chandan thanks Arjun Janya for giving him an opportunity to sing in films. He remembers his friends for supporting him during his tough days. He pledges to put Kannada music under global limelight. He praises his parents for their encouragement.
11.33 pm: Chandan Shetty wins Rs 50 lakh and a trophy, while Diwakar receives Rs 1 lakh prize along with a trophy.
11.26 pm: Chandan Shetty is the winner of the fifth season. Diwakar is the runner up.
11.15 pm: The debate over commoner vs celebrities came to an end as people from both the sides speak their minds.
10.52 pm: Finally, the finalists on stage.
10.36 pm: Lights switched off and doors locked.
10.30 pm: Sudeep is inside the house. It is time for him to lock the house and take the two finalists on stage.
10.20 pm: Anupama Gowda performs on stage and Sudeep goes inside the house to bring the two finalists on stage.
10.10 pm: JK on stage and he talks about his experience in the show.
9.55 pm: JK is eliminated from the show. Pindrop silence. Dayal breaks into tears. Sameer is visibly happy.
9.40 pm: Diwakar is the first contestant to be safe among three. Rumours are out there that JK is out.
9.25 pm: Chandan touches Sudeep's feet before leaving. It is followed by Krishi's performance.
9.19 pm: Chandan, the runner-up of third season, is on stage to unveil the teaser from his upcoming movie Prema Baraha.
9.10 pm: Now, Sameer Acharya's turn to entertain viewers with his performance.
8.27 pm: The video packages of all the finalists.
8.18 pm: An emotional moment in the show and all the eliminated contestants hug the host on stage.
8.10 pm: Sudeep's special video package for successfully completing five years in the show as a host.
8.01 pm: The families of all three finalists are here.
7.57 pm: Sihi Kahi Chandru entertains the guest with his performance for 'Tund haiklu sahavasa' song from Drama. But Sudeep, before taking a break, was set for the first elimination. Wondering why this distraction!
7.53 pm: Time for the first elimination.
7.40 pm: Riaz gets his answer and his response to both Diwakar and Chandan shows is maturity.
7.37 pm: What??? Sudeep digs up an old issue between Riaz and Chandan. An attempt to solve the issues between them.
7.29 pm: The inmates as well as eliminated contestants hail Chandan's music and how it used to give them relief.
7.24 pm: A video package showcase the songs composed by Chandan inside the house.
7.16 pm: Contestants have sported their best outfits. Looking colourful. Dear lady luck, smile on the deserving candidate.
7.14 pm: Three contestants are looking fresh and excited.
7.10 pm: Sudeep talking to Nivedita and Shruti about what they felt last night after being out of the show. After 105 days, they woke up today without any song.
7.05 pm: Sudeep on stage. He looks stylish as always.
7.00 pm: The finale begins with Jagan's performance for 'Dove dove' song from Ranga SSLC. It is followed by 'Sonta' from Chandu.
6.45 pm: 15 minutes to go for the grand finale.
6.28 pm: The stage is set for the grand finale. Are you ready to witness the show one last time this season?

The winner will be announced on Sunday. Our poll says that Chandan will emerge victorious.

The grand finale of Bigg Boss Kannada 5 will be held this weekend. The show, which was kick-started on October 15, will come to an end on Sunday, January 28. This season, five contestants —Chandan Shetty, Karthik Jayaram aka JK, Nivedita Gowda, Shruti Prakash and Diwakar — are in the race to win the trophy along with a cash prize of Rs 50 lakh. Here, we bring to you the live updates of the grand finale:

10.50 pm: Okay, Diwakar, Chandan Shetty and Jayaram Karthik aka JK are in the final stage.The winner will be decided on Sunday.
10.37 pm: Nivedita turns emotional on stage and claims that she will never hurt her parents in her life. She wants to meet her friends and would like to watch all the episodes with her parents after Bigg Boss.

10.28 pm: Nivedita thanks audience, well-wishers and others for their support.
10.19 pm: JK, Chandan Shetty and Diwakar are the last three finalists.
10.18 pm: Nivedita Gowda eliminated from Sudeep's show.
9.58 pm: Riaz Pasha performs for a song.
9.52 pm: Her parents on stage and she thanks them for all the success in her life.
9.45 pm: Shruti on stage, responding to Sudeep's questions.
9.37 pm: Shruti is eliminated from the Sudeep-hosted show. JK, Diwakar, Chandan and Shruti are final four contestants.
9.30 pm: JK, Diwakar and Chandan are safe for now. Shruti, Diwakar and Nivedita in danger zone.
9.28 pm: Time for the first elimination of the day. Is is Nivedita?
9.23 pm: A video package to showcase the emotional moments in the season 5
9.16 pm: Tejaswini dances to 'Yellelo odu manase' song.
9.00 pm: The contestants are responding to the questions, which are basically the opinions formed in the minds of the viewers about the finalists.
8.44 pm: A compilation of funny moments.
8.31 pm: Lasya entertains the guests with her performance.
8.22 pm: Rumours are rife that Nivedita and Shruti are out. But cannot confirm the authenticity.
8.19 pm: It is a good gesture from Bigg Boss to give an opportunity to Sameer to talk about his journey as he was eliminated midweek.
 8.14 pm: Sameer Acharya is here. Speaking to Sudeep on stage.
 8.04 pm: Jayasreenivasan performs on stage for late Vishnuvardhan's 'Simha' song.
 7.59 pm: JK's father and the mothers of the finalists on stage, sharing about how much they missed their loved ones in the last 105 days.  Wow. They get gifts from McDonalds.
7.51 pm: The finalists are being glimpses to the major developments through a video package as  they were disconnected from the outside world for 105 days.
 7.36 pm: Now, Sudeep communicates with the finalists.
 7.36 pm: Sameer Acharya is not seen.
 7.32 pm: All the celebrity contestants feel that JK might win, only Riaz feels Chandan might emerge victorious. Also, Jagan thinks Diwakar also has a chance.
 7.31 pm: Sihi Kahi Chandru wants JK wants to win.
7.29 pm: To those who have joined now, please take a took a our poll which indicates that Chandan will win this season.
7.23 pm:
 Here we go, the stage is set for the grand finale of Bigg Boss Kannada season 5.

Chandan Shetty wins the trophy, JK ends in 2nd place, says our poll 

On the opening day, 17 contestants (9 male and 8 female) had entered the house. Six commoners were also included in the lot this season.

The participants are — Jayasreenivasan, Megha, Dayal Padmanabhan, Sihi Kahi Chandru, Shruti Prakash, Anupama Gowda, Riaz Pasha, Sameer Acharya, Karthik Jayaram, Ashita Chandrappa, Diwakar, Tejaswini Prakash, Chandan Shetty, Sumithra Devi, Jagannath and Krishi Thapanda.

In addition to the 17 contestants, Lasya and Vaishnavi were given wild-card entries, while Akul Balaji and Samyukta Hegde were long-term guests in Bigg Boss Kannada 5.

Suma, Megha, Dayal Padmanabhan, Tejaswini Prakash, Sihi Kahi Chandru, Ashita Chandappa, Jagannath, Jayasreenivasan, Krishi, Riaz, Anupama Gowda and Sameer Acharya have been eliminated in the said order.

The grand finale of Bigg Boss Kannada 5 will be shot and aired on two days – Saturday and Sunday at 7 pm on Colors Super. It is because the channel wants to maintain utmost secrecy about the grand finale. Usually, the winner and other details will be out online even before the telecast. To prevent the information being leaked, Colors Super has decided to shoot the last segment without the public presence.

However, 400 junior artists will watch the show as audience and they will be on the premises until the grand finale is aired, reported Bangalore Mirror.