Bigg Boss Hindi 12 episode October 4: Deepak Thakur misbehaves with Jasleen Matharu
Bigg Boss 12: Deepak Thakur misbehaves with Jasleen MatharuPR Handout

The Jwalamukhi task on Bigg Boss 12 Hindi that began on Wednesday, October 3, continues today on the show. The Bigg Boss 12 contestants are fighting tooth and nail to get maximum luxury items in the Jwalamukhi (volcano) task.

However, on tonight's episode, a fight takes place between Bigg Boss 12 contestants Jasleen Matharu and Deepak Thakur. It so happens that Jasleen Matharu's broom inadvertently touches Deepak Thakur and he flies into a rage. Jasleen Matharu, in turn, asks Deepak to mind his language.

Also, a major brawl will take place between Surbhi Rana and the Khan sisters, when Surbhi tries to reason with Somi Khan that she should not say "Maa Ka Kasam". Surbhi Rana was stressed in the Jwalamukhi task, trying to calm contestants down as the Sanchalak or supervisor.

A major brawl between Surbhi Rana and the Khan sisters on Bigg Boss 12.
A major brawl between Surbhi Rana and the Khan sisters on Bigg Boss 12.PR Handout

Meanwhile, Anup Jalota has still not come to terms with the fact that Jasleen Matharu did not support him inside the Bigg Boss house, refusing to chop her hair off for him. The singer and his disciple entered the Bigg Boss 12 house as a couple and caused a huge controversy due to their age difference of 37 years.

In fact, there were rumours that Jasleen Matharu was pregnant and had had an abortion and her father has appealed to fans not to tarnish his daughter's image without proof of the same. It seems there is a rift between Jasleen Matharu and Anup Jalota now. It remains to be seen whether they will get back together or contest individually to win the title of Bigg Boss 12.

Bigg Boss Hindi 12 contestants include celebrities Dipika Kakar, Karanvir Bohra, Srishty Rode, Nehha Pendse, Sreesanth, Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu, and wild card entry Surbhi Rana. The Bigg Boss 12 Hindi commoner contestants include jodis Nirmal Singh-Romil Choudhary, Deepak Thakur-Urvashi Vani, Somi Khan-Saba Khan and Sourabh Patel-Shivashish Mishra.

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