Day 65 of "Bigg Boss 9" saw RJ Malishka making a virtual entry into the house through the TV screen, and the popular RJ introduced a new luxury budget task -- Murder Mystery.

As per the rules of the task, one contestant will be the murderer and two will be detectives, while the rest of the housemates will be common people.

The interesting part of the task was that none of the housemates knew who the murderer among them was.

Each of them was summoned into the confession room and allotted their roles. Prince was the murderer and if he succeeds in killing five common people, he will have the power to nominate one of the murdered contestants for elimination for the rest of the season.

The killer was handed a mobile phone, through which Bigg Boss would give him instructions for every murder. He could kill his targets through different means like hiding their clothes, making them kiss him and destroying their belongings.

Priya Malik and Rishabh Sinha were the detectives who had to gather enough evidence regarding the killer. Both the detectives were given cameras to collect proofs against their suspect.

The common people had to save themselves from getting killed.  

As the task progressed, it was interesting to see the housemates suspecting each other and keeping an eye on everyone's moves. Unaware of Prince being the murderer, Kishwer Merchantt, was seen discussing her plans with him and others as to how they can save themselves from the killer.

Also, Priya came to a conclusion that Rishabh, disguised as a 'detective' was the real 'murderer'.

While Prince managed to make Gizele kiss him and kill her, it remains to be seen if the 'serial killer' succeeds in killing all his targets.