"Bigg Boss 9" elimination is around the corner and the buzz is, Digangana Suryavanshi may have been shown the doors.

On Saturday's episode, Salman Khan announced that there would be a twist in this week's eviction adding that Suyyash Rai and Digangana's stay at the mad house will be cut-short or extended based on housemates' votes.

The Reality Post, a Twitter handle responsible for breaking "Bigg Boss" stories, announced that Digangana will be sent to a secret room after being voted out by fellow contestants.

However, a few hours ago, Reality Post tweeted informing that she has reportedly been ousted from the show.

Digangana hasn't done much so far. Her love-hate relationship with Rishabh Sinha was the only high point, but her performance has dipped ever since she fell ill.

In other news, the secret room story could be true as it had happened to Mandana Karimi as well. She was asked to leave and then kept in a room, in which she could see and listen to what the celebs had to say about her.

The upcoming episode will see Salman grilling the celebs. Mandana will defend her point asking why she's always targeted by the participants? Keith Sequeira, who was once on the Iranian actress' side, will be shown questioning her attitude.