"Bigg Boss 9" is a place where equations change at the drop of a hat. Digangana Suryavanshi and Rishabh Sinha were like chalk and cheese when the latter entered the mad house. But right now, their friendship has not only strengthened but according to a few housemates, the 18-year-old girl gets all jealous if another woman talks to him.

Eliminated contestant Puneet Vashist, who was around long enough to understand what was going on between the two, said they were more like a couple. But Digangana's father hasn't taken very kindly to the actor's comments.

Talking to Bollywood Life, he said how perceptions and thoughts change from person to person. And Puneet's two cents on what Digangana and Rishabh share only goes on to show what kind of a man he is. The gentleman also added how he'd like to believe what he sees on the show than believe Puneet's story.

"Puneet could have called them even as 'brother-sister', But he tagged them as 'husband and wife' because that's how he his. So now you know the difference? According to me I still believe they are like brother-sister or good friends!," the web portal quoted the father as saying.

"Puneet is being like one of my friend who was once told by his mom that beta dekho yeh teri behen jaisi hai and he was like, "Behen jaisi kyu, biwi jaisi kyu nahin ho sakti." So you see, there is a way in delivering your thoughts!," he further elaborated.

In other news, cracks are beginning to appear in the solid friendship Prince Narula, Suyyash Rai and Kishwer Merchant so blindly rely on. Mandana Karimi is ready to be sent off to the secret room from where she will keep a check on people.