After a noisy episode of "Bigg Boss 9", where Mandana Karimi and Priya Malik landed in an ugly fight, the preview of the next episode saw the housemates competing against each other for the "Ticket to Finale" task.

While viewer must be eagerly waiting to watch who makes it directly to the finale, which is just a few weeks away, Twitter buzz says the task will continue for two days.

However, until now, Prince Narula is leading the task while Keith Sequeira, who has been nominated for elimination for the rest of the season, is appointed moderator.

As per the rules of the task, inverted pyramids have been placed in the garden area, and divided into different portions. Each pyramid is filled with sand and allotted to each of the inmates. In order to win the task, the contestants have to reduce the quantity of sand from their rivals' pyramids. The contender who has the most sand in his/her pyramid by the end of the task will win a "Ticket to Finale".

Soon after the task commenced, Prince and Priya got into a fight which resulted in the former breaking Priya's tap of sand and emptying her pyramid. Prince has been leading the task with more sand in his pyramid.