In the last episode, "Bigg Boss 9" contestants were seen putting their best foot forward during the "Ticket to Finale" task.

While the viewers must be anxious to know who will make it directly to the finale, according to Twitter buzz, after several hours of hard work in protecting their portion of sand in the inverted funnel, Prince Narula, Kishwer Mechantt and Mandana Karimi became the top three finalists of the task.

With this, it appears like Rochelle Rao, Priya Malik and Rishabh Sinha are out of the finale race. 

In the process of attacking each other's pyramids, the housemates got violent. Rishabh kicked Mandana on her head, while the latter complained of the same to moderator Keith Sequeira. Kishwer also complained of Priya getting violent. However, the latter said that she wasn't violent but aggressive and that she knows her limits.

Prince and Rishabh were seen planning a strategy where Prince will not attack Rishabh and vice versa. They both agreed that since they are strong contenders in the task, things might turn against them if they attack each other.

As the contestants turned violent and broke a few taps of the pyramids, Bigg Boss made slight changes in the task, wherein the contenders were allowed to recollect the sand from the ground and put it back in their respective funnel.

All the three finalists will now compete against each other in the next level of the "Ticket to Finale" task.