Yuvika Chaudhary, the latest contestant to be eliminated from controversial show "Bigg Boss 9", recently opened up about her experience living inside the mad house.

In an interview with a daily, Yuvika talked about the spitting incident where Kishwer Merchantt spat on Madana Karimi's drink during the hotel task.

Defending Kishwer, Yuvika said that she was the most misunderstood person in the house. She revealed that it was Aman Verma who spat on Rishabh Sinha's drink first but later held Kishwer guilty for it.

"Aman Verma first spat in Rishabh's drink, but later put all the blame on Kishwar. Now he is portraying himself as a mature guy," Yuvika told Asian Age.

Further, when asked whom does she want to win "Bigg Boss 9", the "Om Shanti Om" actress said that she would like to see Kishwer as the winner.

The spitting incident divided the show's fans on Twitter. In fact not just fans, even Bollywood celebs expressed their disappointment and slammed Kishwer for the same. Host Salman Khan also criticised her for having spat on the contestant's glass.

Meanwhile, in the last episode of "Bigg Boss 9",  Bigg Boss announced 'Highway' task, where Kishwer and Mandana landed in a cat fight. In the upcoming episode, Mandana, annoyed by Kishwer, would kick her, resulting in a huge chaos among the inmates.