Controversial show "Bigg Boss 9" is finally entertaining viewers, but it has also divided celebrities on Twitter.

This week's luxury budget task, hotel Bigg Boss, was the most entertaining episode of "Bigg Boss 9" until now. Wild card entry Rishabh Sinha and Mandana Karimi were the guests, while the other contestants were the hotel staff.

To win the luxury budget task Mandana and Rishabh were asked to make two contestants quit the job. And in order to do that, Mandana and Rishabh asked Kishwer to serve them juice repeatedly, which annoyed her so much that she spat in the drink and also licked the ice cubes.

Later, Mandana and Rishabh threw a bone and asked Suyyash Rai and Kishwer to fetch like dogs.

While the contestants completed the task sportingly, it did not go down well with several celebrities, who took to Twitter to express disappointment.

Television actor Karan Wahi took to Twitter to criticise Colors TV for treating contestants in this manner to gain TRP. Karan also slammed Rishabh for making Kishwer and Suyyash do the task. Actor Ashwin Mushran also tweeted in support of Karan and Kishwer.

On the other hand, actress and model Mini Mathur slammed Kishwer for spitting in Rishabh's drink.

Here is what celebrities have tweeted about this week's luxury budget task: