Gautam Gulati, Diandra Soares
Gautam Gulati, Diandra SoaresColors TV video

"Bigg Boss 8" winner Gautam Gulati, who reportedly had feelings for co-contestant Diandra Soares, has said that he seeks nothing but friendship from the supermodel.

"There was never anything romantic with Diandra. Dosti mein attraction ho gaya tha, which is why the kiss happened. I didn't hide anything and I was always open about it. There can never be any relationship apart from friendship between us," The Times of India quoted him as saying.

Gautam, who has always maintained that they are only friends, told Hindustan Times in an interview that he would marry the girl of his mother's choice. "I'm much younger to her, and above all, I'll never do something that my family doesn't approve of." He further said that he is being upfront about their equation because he does not want her to live with false hopes.

However, Mr Popular revealed that he has been thinking of someone who he wants to marry. "Ideally, I wouldn't want to marry an actress, but if it's Alia Bhatt, I will. She is cute, my kind of girl. She and I go to the same gym but we haven't interacted. I am a shy type of person so haven't spoken to her," DNA quoted the actor.

Diandra and Gautam began the season with a heart-warming friendship but their relationship turned bitter in no time. But, the actor insisted on restoring their lost friendship after which the two engaged in some harmless PDA and even took off to the restroom for some "alone" time.

However, Gautam has put all of this behind him and is ready to make his debut in Bollywood. And before he sets his foot in the industry, he needs to buy a house with the ₹ 50 lakh prize money he won at the show and spend some time with his family and friends.

"All these affairs and romance can divert your mind and cause hindrance to your work so I just decided to stay away. I'll straight marry and settle down with a girl chosen by my mom," he told HT.

In other news, the suave "BB8" contestant reveals how he had auditioned for a popular production house adding that he isn't aware of the "M.S. Dhoni" biopic yet, in which he would reportedly play the role of pace bowler Zaheer Khan.