Karishma Tanna in Bigg Boss 8 House
Karishma Tanna in Bigg Boss 8 HouseColors TV

This week "Bigg Boss 8" contestants and viewers witnessed a major twist after "Bigg Boss" nominated all the housemates, except for the current captain Karishma Tanna.

The makers are bringing some twists and turn to keep the viewers engaged and increase the TRP. Last week, there was no eviction as the voting lines were closed.

And this week "Bigg Boss" nominated everyone for breaking the rules, except Karishma. Be it sleeping during the daytime, not using the microphone while chatting with each other or talking in English, contestants managed to break almost all records.

On Monday, which is the nomination day, the contestants gathered in the living area where "Bigg Boss" showed them the video wherein they were seen breaking the house rules.

After showing the video "Bigg Boss" announced that this week all the contestants were directly nominated for elimination.

The contestants who are in the danger zone include Puneet Issar, Upen Patel, Diandra Soares, Gautam Gulati, Pritam Singh, Praneet Bhatt, Dimpy Ganguly Mahajan, Sonali Raut and Ali Quli Mirza.

Who do you think should be eliminated from the "Bigg Boss 8" house this week?