Upen Patel, Karishma Tanna
Upen Patel, Karishma TannaBiggBoss8/Facebook

"Bigg Boss 8" contestants Upen Patel, Karishma Tanna and Dimpy Mahajan were seen having some light moments at the end of the show on Monday.

On Monday, Upen was flirting with Karishma and he even said "I Love You" to the "Grand Masti" actress. But before people start thinking about their relationship, it is important to know that he said that in a good homour.

The two along with Dimpy were having a candid conversation in the bedroom area. The trio was discussing about the P3G group and Puneet and soon after that Upen started flirting with Karishma.

Upen started singing a song and hearing that Karishma told him to stop it. Upen immediately replied saying that "but I love you and is there anything wrong I did."

He also went ahead and said that he wants to marry her. And after hearing that Karishma told him "I have a boyfriend and I will get married to him."

Upen replied to her "Even I have a girlfriend and I might get married to her. But I still Love You."

Well, like they say all's well that ends well, and the show also ended in a good way. After the nomination round, Upen, Karishma and Dimpy's conversation brought a smile on the three contestants' as well as viewers' face.

Viewers called it one of the best moments of the "Bigg Boss 8" house. They also said that it was one of the cutest moments.

Check out viewers reactions below:

@BeingBearable: lol karishma upen's part was hilarious #BB8

‏@4simplypurple: Not only did Upen bring a smile on Karishma & Dimpy's face but ours as well. :D #BB8

@like_prxt: #Upen:jab hum (he & #Karishma) Good night bolte hai,pata hai uska matlab kya hota hai? #Dimpy:I love you? Upen laugh & went in blanket. #BB8

@Nitu_23: Upen & Karishma are the best! Love them! #BB8 @ColorsTV

‏@KoyalKunal: #BB8 the best part of @BiggBoss last night was last 5 min. Of upen karishma n dimpi.

@iKatolicious:Ahahahaha the way Upen was flirting with Karishma was so cute. #BB8"

@StarkNotStark: #Upen was the cutest when he mocked #Karishma. I wish he stayed like that all the time #BB8"

@spursgurl: @BiggBoss That scene in the end with Upen, Karishma & Dimpy was too cute & hilarious. Upen is adorable!!

‏@MA5TER_5: #biggboss8 #bb8 Upen flirting with karishma too funny. Best bit of episode.

@SonamChatlani: Sooo cute the last few minutes of todays epi, Upen trying to tease karishma like that! Awww #love