Ajaz Khan, Ali Quli Mirza
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The viewers of Colors' popular reality show "Bigg Boss Halla Bol" have condemned Ajaz Khan for attacking Ali Quli Mirza and misbehaving with Pritam Singh, when he tried to calm him down.

In the Monday episode, it all started as a joke, but it turned ugly fight between Ajaz Khan and Ali Quli Mirza. Ajaz, who lost his temper, began hitting Ali and he even strangled his neck. Their fight ended up with Ali suffering grave injuries.

After watching the 106th episode of "Bigg Boss 8", many viewers, who were upset with Ajaz Khan's behaviour, took to their Twitter handles to condemn his alleged act. Here are some Twitter comments:

Aani Salman ‏@Aani_Fatima

How can Ajaz Khan say such words against Pritam Pyare ? Pritam yet tried to make him calm after the fights! Ajaz hijde! #BB8HallaBol #BB8

Jumi Bora ( Jay B ) ‏@JB_ism

Dear Ajaj, why u corrupting our hero #Pritam's image fo no apparent reason wen he indeed ws jst stoppin u frm crossing d line? #BB8

Yasir Khan ‏@BeingYasirkhan

#BB8 Ali might be over acting but u cant hit someone... Lets see if Ajaz is also BB favrt like

We Love Gauti ‏@SubuhiFC

Ajaz that was not cool!! but i saw Ali pushing & hitting him twice too.!! But Ajaz overreacted! #bb8 too much hinsa? @biggboss

Bilal ‏@Bilal_Barca

Ajaz can do nothing but low level practical jokes. Where as a true entertainer has the ability to joke vrebley like #ali & #pritam #BB8 @BeingBearable agar Ajaz itna real hay, so why did he joined this game he should have remained outside in the real world #BB8 !!!!

Avtarnika ‏@avtarnika

Wow. Just cause Ali's entertainer, he'll do Nautanki if after being strangled by Ajaz ! What a stupid theory ! #BB8 #BB8HallaBol

Harsh Chaludia ‏@harshchaludia7

#BiggBossHallaBol #BB8 Whatever Ajaz did was absoultely wrong but ali was also seen provoking,So please bring Ajaz back.

M ‏@MessiSlaysUrFav

Ajaz Khan has come in @biggboss with I Me Myself attitude, & is being so much proudy as if he was BB7 winner! #Bb8 #biggbosshallabol

Deepak Tijori ‏@Bishtism

We love last year ajaz coz wo sabki baat baat pe waat laga deta tha. But today ali ne uski wat laga di. #Bb8 To all those who are saying Ali provoked Ajaz. Well watch previous episodes where ajaz slow slapped and pushed him. #Bb8

Zoya Hakik ‏@ForeverZoeyy

To be very honest I never liked @AjazkhanActor's attitude. Such a trashy personality and he's on #BB8 saying the challengers overreact

MadridistaTilliDie ‏@futbaloholic

I mean last season people liked Ajaz becoz he stood up against a bully like NAAG KOHLI. Dis tym he's doing all taporipan for footage. #BB8

Avnee tweeting ‏@HeyIamAvnee_

Aijaz saying "pritam pyaar se andar aata hai ..aur..."! Oh cmon at least he's not irritating like u . Bloody cheap. #bb8

Happy birthday Salman ‏@poojashinde1216

#BB8 ajaz is totaly anoying n wroung today but ali is also doing natak Good strategy by ali

Ashish ‏@sethiashish6

#BB8 Ajaz is an idiot...bekaar mein provoke ho gaya...Ali ne apne mazaak ka badla le hi liyaa...he is a nevlaa! #BiggBoss8

SKB ‏@tweetfrmskb

Ajaz made lots of fun of Ali. Ali did not do anything but Ali did for once and he became violent. #BB8 #BiggBossHallaBol

Zee ‏@Ye2Zed

Ajaz u cannot go on a character assassination spree after being a bully. Pritam is more manly than u. Bullying de weak is not man enuf. #BB8

Sneha ♥ Gautam ‏@snehaluvdamon

Ayaz, I , Me, Myself ! Violence kyun kiya & Your frndship wid Pritam kaise hai, I dnt give a damn, Atleast bura maat bolo uske bare mai #BB8

Lynn WinPritam ‏@leederlynn

Azaj you are a coward #bb8 attackin a nice guy like Pritam and harmless Ali