Preetam Singh and Diandra Soares
Who will become the next captain of the "Bigg Boss 8" house - Preetam or Diandra?Facebook/BiggBoss

On day 45, Bigg Boss asked the current captain of the house Upen Patel to nominate two contestants for captaincy.

Contestants were speculating that Upen will choose Praneet Bhatt, but on Thursday's episode the current captain will be seen nominating Pritam Singh and Diandra Soares.

Pritam and Diandra will compete with each other to become the next captain of the house. The outcome will be declared on Thursday's episode after the two contestants complete their given tasks, but viewers want Pritam to be the next captain.

Viewers have called Diandra the most irritating contestants of this season of the reality show and they don't want her to become the next captain.

Here is what viewers posted on Twitter about the captaincy and the two contestants.

"And Diandra is really getting on my nerves now...her voice is so annoying! #BiggBoss8 @BiggBoss"

"@biggboss themselves are promoting violent tasks..Obviously anyone will become violent. I felt like slapping Diandra by jus watching #BB8"

"Has Diandra ever said anything positive in bb8? Shes a bundle of negative energy, ohmyGawdd."

"Karishma And Diandra are two churails of @biggboss house. Hypocrites and Cunning Women!! #BiggBoss8"

"Diandra, we know you are kamini. You don't have to prove that. The ugliest contestant ever. #BB8 #BiggBoss8"

"@BiggBoss @upenpatelworld @diandrasoares13 @ColorsTV Pritam will be the next captain :)"

"@BiggBoss @upenpatelworld @diandrasoares13 @ColorsTV pritam...diandra is a patient ..i feel sorry for her..."

"@BiggBoss @upenpatelworld @diandrasoares13 @ColorsTV ; V all hope fr pritam but twist will decide who wud b d nxt cptn"

"@BiggBoss @upenpatelworld @diandrasoares13 @ColorsTV Pritam should win, he's genuine and stable, Diandra is a bitch who'll ruin the house."

"@BiggBoss @upenpatelworld @diandrasoares13 @ColorsTV pritam should b captain not that ugly and irritating women of the world"

"@BiggBoss @upenpatelworld @diandrasoares13 @ColorsTV we support u the winner and captain. dnt let the chudel bitch dyan go"