Puneet Issar and Gautam Gulati
Puneet Issar and Gautam GulatiFacebook

"Bigg Boss" house is the only place where relationships change every second. Puneet Issar and Gautam Gulati are like Jai-Veeru of the "Bigg Boss 8" house.

Even though the P3G group comprising RJ Pritam Singh, Puneet, Praneet Bhatt and Gautam, broke up, Gautam and Puneet stayed together.

But it looks like their friendship too has come to an end after Puneet, also called Punzz, shouted at Gautam during the party and told him to 'shut up'.

Punzz and Gautam are in one team for the party task. So, when Gautam found Punzz discussing the party details with his teammates in English, he told him not to break the rule and talk in Hindi.

And considering Puneet's short temper, he got irritated with Gautam's behaviour and asked him to shut up, "Bigg Boss" khabri said.

It's known to everyone that Puneet loses his cool easily when someone interferes in his dialogue or conversation. Previously too Puneet lost his temper and had arguments with other housemates including Pritam and Praneet, who are considered to be close to him.

However, this is for the first time he shouted at Gautam in front of other housemates. But Gautam being a true friend didn't say a word and moved out from that area immediately.

Will this argument change the equation between Jai-Veeru of "Bigg Boss 8"? Only time will tell if Punzz will apologise to Gautam for his behaviour.

Meanwhile, viewers are happy that Gautam and Pritam have sorted out their differences and hugged each other. Gautam and Pritam had an argument last week, when the RJ was the captain of the house.

But it looks like that the two have solved their issues and become friends again.