Sonali Raut and Ali Mirza
Sonali Raut Slapped Ali Quli Mirza for Inappropriate CommentFacebook

Reality show "Bigg Boss 8" is getting more dramatic and interesting day by day. Sonali Raut shocked the housemates and "Bigg Boss" viewers when she 'gave a tight slap' to her co-contestant Ali Quli Mirza in Thursday's episode.

The whole incident started when the captain of the house Puneet Issar had a verbal argument with Ali. The two exchanged heated words and threatened to reveal each other's secrets.

It was at that time Puneet called the entire house and asked Praneet Bhatt to tell them what Ali had commented about Sonali when actress Lisa Haydon had visited the house.

When Sonali came to know about the 'outrageous and vulgar' comment she went and slapped Ali. But the makers haven't revealed what Ali actually commented about the "Xpose" actress.

Even viewers were curious about the whole issue and Ali's comment. They took to Twitter to ask what Ali exactly said that infuriated Sonali to that extent that she slapped him.

Not only viewers, even makers of the reality show are curious to know about Ali's comment.

"They (the makers) tried to find out what exactly he said about her by checking the uncensored footage, but since he said it in whispers, no one could understand anything. But whatever he said was very derogatory and nasty," quoted a source close to the show as saying.

But a viewer BIGG BOSS NEWZ, who has been following the show since the start and has predicted the eviction of Nigaar Khan and Sushant Divgikar, said that Ali called Sonali a "prostitute".

BIGG BOSS NEWZ also quoted a reliable source from the shows production team who revealed the news. According to BIGG BOSS NEWZ, the statement was so offensive that the makers had to censor it.

Meanwhile, Sonali broke the rule of "Bigg Boss" by slapping Ali and for that "Bigg Boss" nominated her for the season as a punishment.

But viewers are not happy with "Bigg Boss" punishment. They said that since she got physical with Ali, she should be evicted from the show as per rules.