'Bigg Boss 8': Nigaar Khan, Renee Dhyani, Dimpy Mahajan Get Royal Treatment in House
'Bigg Boss 8': Nigaar Khan, Renee Dhyani, Dimpy Mahajan Get Royal Treatment in HouseSnapshot from Bigg Boss 8 video

While wild card entrants Renee Dhyani and Dimpy Mahajan were welcomed into the "Bigg Boss" house amidst mixed reactions, Nigaar Khan appears to have gotten a more positive response from the inmates. The trio was given a royal treatment on Tuesday's episode of the show.

The producers of "Bigg Boss 8" set up a restaurant in the house and introduced this week's luxury budget task called "Sab Durandhar Hotel Ke Andar". In this task, captain Diandra is the owner of the hotel, whereas wild card entrants Renee Dhyani, Dimpy Mahajan and Nigaar Khan are the guests.

As part of the task, all the housemates served as butlers. However, Puneet Issar was not a part of the task as he has been caged as punishment for getting violent with Aarya Babbar during a previous task.

The butlers needed to provide good service to impress the guests and get some tips from them. The participant who earns the highest amount would be the winner and be safe from next week's nomination.

However, soon after the task began, some participants used shortcuts to earn money, while others were seen struggling to understand the task. Being the owner of the hotel, Diandra was seen ordering the contestants and Renee had to fight with everyone to get things done.

The task not only created chaos in the house but also brought a few friendships and relationships under scrutiny. However, things came back to normalcy by the end of the day.

Meanwhile, many viewers are evidently unhappy with the way the contestants are taking part in the luxury budget tasks in this season of "Bigg Boss". After watching the episode, some viewers took to Twitter to express their disappointment over the way contestants took part in the task.

Farah Khaleck

This season no task has been completed fairly! As soon as the task starts, so does the fight! They're jinxed lol!! #BiggBoss8


#BiggBoss8 BB pls give the housemates some brain or skill tasks instead of these manhandling tasks. We want to see their grey cells working

Taz ‏

Hey @BiggBoss please can you do the remote control task - some of these housemates need to learn some home truths #BiggBoss #BiggBoss8