Gautam Gulati
Gautam GulatiGautam Gulati/ Instagram

The "Bigg Boss" series has seen contestants amass loyal fan-base with time but with "BB8" housemate Gautam Gulati things have escalated to unimaginable heights. With #GautamGulatiFever trending on Twitter for nearly two days straight, it is evident how massively admired the suave inmate is among his fans.

And to mark this milestone, the makers have reportedly decided to give away the 'Most Popular Contestant' award to Gautam at the grand finale. Confirming the news, Bigg Boss Live News, a Twitter handle known for breaking "BB8" stories, has recently posted on their account.

The "Diya Aur Baati Hum" actor's journey in the mad house has been peppered with highs and lows. The red chilli paste smearing episode with Karishma Tanna took a nasty turn when he called her names. His wrong doing cost him his friendship with fellow-contestants after which he was sidelined.

Dragged unnecessarily, Salman Khan reprimanded housemates for stretching the matter more than it was needed. While some forgot the past and ironed out their differences with him, rest ignored him for weeks to come.

Cut to, 'Gautam City' task wherein he stood out as the perfect entertainer and in the process restoring his old friendship with Diandra Soares. The bond then blossomed into something special leading to several romantic getaways to the washroom.

Although, some of his fans didn't appreciate his growing closeness with the supermodel, they, however, continued to save him from eliminations. He received much love from the viewers but his fellow-housemates never seemed to warm up to him.

Being sidelined by the Champions, followed by incessant provocations by Ali Quli Mirza led to a musical argument. From being called "One Man Army" to a "Hero", his fans have triggered a massive trend on Twitter, which hasn't yet lost steam.