Karishma Tanna and Alia Bhatt
'Bigg Boss 8': Karishma Tanna Replaces Alia Bhatt as new 'Airhead'Twitter/Screenshot

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt can now heave a sigh of relief as "Bigg Boss 8" contestant Karishma Tanna has apparently replaced her as the new 'blonde'.

Sunday's episode of "Bigg Boss 8" has proved that Karishma is not only selfish, loud and annoying but is also dumb. On Sunday's "Weekend Ka Vaar", host Salman Khan played a General Knowledge game with the contestants.

Salman started the GK game with Upen Patel followed by Sonali Raut and then Karishma. The "Kick" actor asked Sonali who the President of India was, to which she replied that she doesn't know who the current President is.

Salman asked the same question to Karishma and pat came the reply: "Narendra Modi is the President of India".

That's not all, according to Karishma multiplying any number by zero comes to the same number. So, when Salman asked Karishma what 25 multiplied by zero was, Karishma confidently replied that it's 25.

Soon after, she became the butt of all jokes on Twitter. Viewers compared Karishma's IQ level with that of Alia's and said that the "Highway" actress had finally found a replacement.

Earlier this year, jokes and memes on Alia went viral when she said that Prithviraj Chavan was the President of India on chat show "Koffee with Karan" season 4. But now Karishma appears to have beaten Alia hollow to emerge as the new 'dumbest' celeb.

Check out the jokes on Karishma Tanna and Alia Bhatt below:

@tdutt38: Meanwhile alia bhatt is organising for a party...alia: Finally!!! they found someone dumber than me

‏@archnasingh781: Dear Karishma, I don't know about #BiggBoss but u could easily beat Alia Bhatt in the game of #BiggestDumboEver

@nitingsingh: @aliaa08 replacement found , Miss Karishma Tanna !! Dumbest girl ever ! #BB8

@TheOfficialYogs: Salman Khan: Who is the president of India? Karishma Tanna: Narendra Modi. Alia Bhatt: Haha.. Saali Alia Bhatt kahin k

@link_akshay: #BigBoss8 karishma says our president is narendra modi @aliaa08 congrats yu gotta competition

@TheAndrabi: Karishma Tanna has been nominated for The Alia Bhatt award. I think she deserves to win it.

@mayurfirodia: Alia bhatt is very talented than karishma tanna...she is very good in maths...#yotannaissodumb #bb8

@harsh_mufc: Alia Bhatt seems like a rocket scientist compared to Karishma Tanna.. #BB8

‏@ChandniMishra7: @biggboss @karishma_tanna Alia bhatt just sent a friend request to Karishma tanna