Natasa Stankovic
Natasa StankovicNatasha Stankovic/ Facebook

Natasa Stankovic, who got eliminated from the "Bigg Boss 8" last night, has said Gautam Gulati and Praneet Bhatt will be the finalists of this season.

Gautam has become a star of this year's "Bigg Boss" house after his fight with Karishma Tanna. Not only viewers, but other contestants also agree that Gautam will stay till the end.

Natasa too believes that Gautam has become a hero outside the house and which is why he will end up in the finale. But the Serbian beauty wants Praneet to win the show.

"Gautam will definitely go to the finale," the Serbian beauty told DNA in an interview, "He has become a hero outside but in the house, he spreads negative energy. He is not himself. He is being someone else just for the sake of the game. But then, he will end up in the finals, I am sure."

"Also, I feel Praneetji is a strong contender, she added. "But unlike Gautam, he is very real and straight forward. He is a nice person and I would want him to win the show."

Natasa, who stayed away from controversies in the "Bigg Boss" house this year, said the elimination round shocked her because she didn't want Deepshikha Nagpal to leave the show.

According to her, Deepshikha was one of the strongest contenders in the house.

"Deepshikha and I were very good friends on the show and she was a very strong woman. Her elimination shocked us because we thought she would be a finalist for sure," Natasa said.

Natasa became the third celebrity to be evicted from the controversial show. The actress told PTI that she is very happy to leave the house and meet her family and friends. But she also said if given a chance she would go back in the house.