Diandra Soares, Gautam Gulati
Diandra Soares slaps Gautam Gulati, says he isn't trust worthyBigg Boss 8/ Facebook

Day 64 in the "Bigg Boss 8" house witnessed trust issues among friends, loneliness and new beginnings.

Gautam Gulati's growing closeness to Diandra Soares has now become a talking point among the contestants. Renee Dhyani, Upen Patel and Ali Quli Mirza were spotted discussing about their equation, during which the former opined that Diandra is now a part of P3G (Praneet Bhatt, Puneet Issar, Pritam Singh and Gulati).

Over the weekend, the two had long conversations about how they would want to take their friendship forward. The supermodel attempted to prod Gautam about his strategies asking if all of what he has been doing was an act or is there anything real about him? The "Diya aur Baati Hum" actor was quick in his response and said that if she hadn't peeled away from him earlier then she wouldn't have had trust issues.

In other news, Ali's approach was severely criticised by fellow housemates when he said that his strategy for surviving the show was to cheat, betray and defame others. Karishma Tanna, who wanted to clear a pending matter with Ali, was shocked and added that such ideologies will never take him far in the game and life.

Diandra who looked unsure about her and Gautam's equation, narrated to best bud Karishma how the two got frisky under the sheets the night before. However, she had then asked Gautam to maintain distance as it would not look very appropriate on TV since their families watch the show. Karishma, who has by now warmed up to Gautam, supported Diandra's' decision, adding it is difficult to understand him.

Since the highlight of Monday's episode was nomination procedure, the inmates were asked to pick a name they would want to save from being eliminated. And to everyone's surprise, for the first time in long, Gautam was not in the danger zone. Sonali Raut, Bhatt, Ali, Renee and Upen run the risk of being evicted in the coming week.

In the meantime, actor, produce and now trade expert Kamaal Rashid Khan has predicted Renee's ouster. "Renee will go out of #BiggBoss8 in this week because Me Me Me KRK no.1 critic says so," he tweeted.