'Bigg Boss': Sukirti Waxes Upen's Legs, Karishma Engages in War of Words with Deepshikha
'Bigg Boss': Sukirti Waxes Upen's Legs, Karishma Engages in War of Words with DeepshikhaBigg Boss 8/ Facebook

Day 10 for "Bigg Boss 8" contestants started on a good note as they entered the grand house. Deepshika's team had won the 'Hijack' task and thus they were the first one to enter the "Bigg Boss" house.

Karishma Tanna, Deepshikha, Minissha Lamba, Aarya Babbar and others were excited as they entered the new house. But the excitement was over after Bigg Boss announced that RJ Preetam's team will also enter the house.

Preetam and his team including Puneet, Gautam Gulati, Praneet, Soni Singh, Sukirti and Natasa Stankovic entered the house, but since they were unable to complete the task, Bigg Boss ordered them to be Deepshika's team slaves until they win the next task.

But "Bigg Boss" shocked everyone when he announced that two members from Preetam's team will be permanent slaves in the house. After much argument, Preetam's team nominated Gautam Gulati and Praneet as the permanent slaves of the "Big Boss" house.

Later in the day, the "Bigg Boss" house witnessed a fight between the members of the two teams. Deepshikha opened up about Soni Singh's attitude towards her in the past few days.

Karishma acted as a mediator and called Soni to end the cold war between them, but Deepshikha said that she doesn't want to solve anything between her and Soni.

However, after fighting for hours, Soni and Deepshikha finally ended their war and hugged each other.

Meanwhile, the second nominations will take place in the next episode, which will air on 2 October. Gautam, who has been boycotted by the housemates, will not nominate any member as Bigg Boss has taken his voting rights.

Also, in the 11th episode we will see that Sonali Raut, who was eliminated in first week, will enter the house again. Despite the fact that the show host Salman Khan has said the contestants once evicted will not enter the house again, the makers have asked Sonali to make a comeback, Mumbai Mirror reported.

It remains to be seen whether Sonali has returned for just one episode.