Bigg Boss 8: Ali Flirts With Dippy:  Viewers Call his Romance a cheap Strategy to Survive in House
Bigg Boss 8: Ali Flirts With Dippy: Viewers Call his Romance a cheap Strategy to Survive in House

Dubai-based actor and singer Nawab Ali Quli Mirza, who happens to be the first wild card entry in the "Bigg Boss 8" house, is well on his way to flirting with girls to survive in the house. However, his act has not gone down well with the viewers, who call it a cheap stunt.

It should be recalled here that before his entry into the "Bigg Boss" house, Ali Quli Mirza had said that he would romance all the girls in the house. "I will romance each and every girl there. On Monday, I will romance Karishma, Tuesday it will be Sonali, Wednesday will be Diandra. So yeah, I would romance every girl, so that no one feels left out," Bollywood Life had quoted the singer as saying.

Ali Quli Mirza, who seems to be feeling insecure in the house, was seen flirting with last week's wild-card entrant Dimpy Mahajan. In Sunday's episode, the viewers saw him telling Dimpy that she looked beautiful in black. Many audiences feel that his strategy will not work as Dimpy is very smart.

Pragati Sankpal

#BiggBoss8 #WeekendKaVaarWithSalman Ali is clearly getting threatened by p3g so he's got his own strategy to start flirt with dimpy... #BiggBoss8 who the hell is getting damm about Ali's flirting..

Shivani Soni ‏

@ColorsTV @BiggBoss @dimpy_mahajan Hope it's just a compliment but if he's flirting to be safe then it's a cheap idea & should stop doing it


@ColorsTV @BiggBoss @dimpy_mahajan dimpy is very sweet n I lyk her..she knows how cheap Ali it will make no diffrnce yo hr.

Benjong Jamir

@ColorsTV Ali is so insecure man. He cant do things on his own


@ColorsTV @BiggBoss @dimpy_mahajan i hate this guy how cheap he is trying to remain in the show


@ColorsTV @BiggBoss @dimpy_mahajan ali is very cheap n a double dholki bt yeah dimpy is beautiful indeed

Sachin Singh Solanki

@ColorsTV @BiggBoss @dimpy_mahajan ali will definitely thrown out of bb8 next week..i promise

Gargi Singh

@colorstv @dimpy_mahajan @biggboss yeah seems like that bt i think dimpy is a smart girl

Sahib Singh

@ColorsTV @BiggBoss @dimpy_mahajan dimpy is so amart .. he kniws that ali is making fiol of her

Feisty Assertiv

Ali is such a cheapster #BiggBoss8 #bb8

Arsh ‏

Ali is such a cheap guy- wants to get attention by having a fake romance- using a girl #BiggBoss8 #GoGautam

Poonam PandaZ

Hope Rahul (Dimpi's Husband) whoops Ali after the showb #BiggBoss8


Ali is like a snake. Don't know when he'll bite you! #BiggBoss8