Updated: Tsunami Kitty and Gauthami have been eliminated from "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada. While people had expected Gauthami to be shown the door from the show, viewers were confident of Kitty's stay.

Audience Slam "Bigg Boss"show over Kitty''s Elimination

In fact, Tsunami Kitty was considered as one of the favourite contestants in "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada to win the trophy. Hence, his elimination has been come as a big shock to the audience. The reason behind the elimination is best known to the makers of the show.

There were eight contestants in the danger zone. If we go by the response on the social media, people wanted Pooja Gandhi or NC Aiyappa to leave the show. 

Earlier Story:
The elimination process has become interesting this week with all the eight contestants being pushed to the danger zone on "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada. There are chances of double elimination this weekend as the grand finale is just two weeks away. 

Rehman Hasib, NC Aiyappa, Tsunami Kitty, Shruthi, Chandan, Pooja Gandhi, Gauthami and Master Anand are the contestants, who have been nominated for elimination. This week, Bigg Boss surprisingly decided not to have the regular vote-based elimination, and pushed all the players directly to the danger zone, leaving the complete elimination process to the viewers.

The decision has been welcomed by the "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada fans as they can now decide who should stay in the house. This process also gives a clear picture of the popularity of the contestants.

Going by the audience's response, Shruthi, Tsunami Kitty and Master Anand are likely to be saved as the trio has performed well in most of the tasks. Adding to that, they have a huge fan following which could be crucial to their stay in the house. To some extent, it is believed that NC Aiyappa too will be safe this week, as he is the centre of all the talks inside the house. That leaves Chandan, Rehman, Pooja Gandhi and Gauthami in the danger zone.

Chandan, Rehman and Pooja have a good fan following, but it is not clear if they will get a fresh lease of life, as their acts are not entertaining anymore. The remaining contestant Gauthami entered midway, but has managed to entertain the audience. 

Nonetheless, people strongly believe that one among Chandan, Rehman, Pooja Gandhi and Gauthami will have to leave the show on Saturday, 16 January.