Tsunami Kitty's elimination from "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada has not gone down well with the audience, who have criticised the show and shown their support for the contestant who stayed in the house for 85 days.

People had not expected Tsunami Kitty's elimination. He had been an active contestant, and won the hearts of the audience with his innocence and with participation in all the tasks. It was widely believed that he was one of the favourites to win the third season of "Bigg Boss" Kannada, and people had expected him to at least enter the finale even if not win.

He was apparently loved by rural audience. But going by the audience response on social media, it has now been revealed that he enjoyed support from urban viewers as well.

The viewers feel Tsunami Kitty was better than the contestants like Chandan, Pooja Gandhi and NC Aiyappa. Hence, he should have stayed in "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada. Many on social media have said it was an unfair decision by the show makers. It may be noted that he was nominated seven times for elimination, but was saved by the audience every time.

People have taken to Twitter to express their displeasure over the verdict. Here are a few reactions from viewers:

Srinidhi S tweeted: Today real star is coming to this show as guest...I don't know why real star coming to this fake show,..!!!! #bbk3
What is this show all about....honest,good guy kitty is evicted... Third class people still there...everything is scripted... #bbk3

Sharath h n ‏wrote: @RuthvikBhargav 1st time instd of arun , vijay. 2nd time instd of Srujan ,akul.
Dis tm at elmn tim only cheating #BBK3 #Kitty #Cheatingshow

Ppal ‏posted: Kitty eliminated? Same question as other twitters, who is voting for pooja and chandan? Is voting legit? Why dont #BBK3 publish voting %?

Hafeez Khan posted: I would ve been happy if Chandan was kicked out rather than Kitty #BBK3

Wiishal Raina ‏tweeted: @KicchaSudeep sir had lot of respect towards u and I still have.. how can kitty be eliminated #BBk3

Subbalakshmi ‏wrote: Is Ayyappa better than Kitty? Kitty was much better than Ayyappa and Chandan.. #BBK3

SeekaraNe ‏posted: @v2l2b2 Puja adds the least entertainment value + when she was voted out by viewers, it was overruled to save her.Adu yaava nyaaya? #bbk3

Muruli ‏tweeted: #bbk3 Instead of Kitty, Aiyyappa should have been evicted.