The first day at "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada house was pretty normal with the 15 contestants trying to understand each other. The only shock came during the nomination process when four contestants were pushed to the danger zone.

Just in: 'Bigg Boss 3' Kannada: Day 2 Highlights

Huccha Venkat Raises Outfit Issues
The female contestants in "Bigg Boss 3" house were on the receiving end as Huccha Venkat suggested them to wear decent clothes rather than revealing outfits. Strangely, no one opposed to it as he told the contestants that he considers them as his sisters and is therefore concerned. 

War of Words
All was well til the contestants got ready to go to bed. Just before the lights were switched off, Huccha Venkat and Pooja Gandhi indulged in some a war of words as Venkat did not like what she was wearing.

Their initial argument suddenly became a one-sided thing with Huccha Venkat yelling at her to wear what she wants to at home and not in a place like Bigg Boss house. He mouthed his trademark dialogues in style even as other contestants tried to calm down the situation.

Four Contestants Enter Danger Zone
There was a general belief that Huccha Venkat would be pushed to danger zone by the contestants due to his straight-forward attitude. Surprisingly, Tsunami Kitty (5 votes), Mooruru Ravi (5 votes), Kruthika (5 votes) and Madhuri (4 votes) got the maximum votes for elimination. Now, their fates depend on public votes.

Other highlights of the day 1

  • Actress Pooja Gandhi seems to be all set to adjust well in the Bigg Boss house and was seen sweeping the house as part of the daily chores.  
  • Contestants had a lot of fun with Huccha Venkat. He entertained the inmates throughout the day and it was also fun to see him proposing to Jayashree, who mingled with him very well. Not to forget, RJ Nethra too seemed comfortable hanging out with him.
  • Mooru Ravi entertained the inmates with his singing skills.
  • On the advise of Bigg Boss, Captain Shruthi has divided the members into three groups – cleaning, cooking and entertainment.
  • Kruthika, RJ Nethra, Bhavana Belagere, Ravi Mooruru and Tsunami Kitty have been put into cleaning department. Anand, Pooja Gandhi, Huccha Venkat and NC Aiyappa are in the entertainment team. Neha Gowda, Jayashree, Rehman, Madhuri and Chandan will look after the kitchen.