The first day at "Bigg Boss 3" Kannada house was good as the 15 contestants tried to familiarise with each other. On the second day, they opened up to more conversations.

Just in: Huccha Venkat blasts Master Anand; Pooja Gandhi on her engagement break-up

Huccha Venkat, who stole the limelight on Day one, once again took the centerstage. The voice of dissent against his views are slowly growing up even as inmates feel that he is good at heart but only a loudmouthed person.  

The only person who took his side was Kruthika, who is in the danger zone! During one of the conversations with other inmates, Bhavana Belagere referred to a press meet by Huccha Venkat where he had announced of marrying an actress.

Shruthi, the Captain of the house, directed Huccha Venkat to imitate like the late Dr Vishnuvardhan and Pooja Gandhi to imitate like the late Kalpana. He also brought up issues related to cleanliness. 

The Bigg Boss mentioned about the repetitive entertainment strategies adopted by the Entertainment team (Huccha Venkat, Pooja Gandhi and Aiyappa).

Pooja Gandhi faced the wrath of the Bigg Boss for breaking a table and a glass in separate incidents and was punished for the same. She was asked to keep her hands up with two oranges in her hands at the place where the table was broken.

As there were two items broken, she was asked to suggest another person to share her punishment and Master Anand stepped in to help her. Pooja Gandhi was hurt and was seen crying even as she requested the Bigg Boss to send her home.

First Luxury Budget Task

This is a task which is aimed at showing the importance of leaving with happiness. While Shruthi has been given the godwoman's dress, other inmates have been provided with white dress as her disciples.

The Bigg Boss mentioned that during the task the inmates should dance rhythmically to the music that was being played in the house. Everybody enjoyed and took part in it except Huccha Venkat.

Venkat accused the dancing inmates of overacting and doing drama to keep themselves out of elimination. He was TV viewers' man who would not spend Rs 7 on voting rather use it to feed a dog!

When the task went a step ahead, the inmates were asked to narrate their spiritual side. Huccha Venkat began the proceedings and tried to tell his life story. A few others tried to interrupt him to finish his speech quickly. 

When his turn came, Master Anand, like a typical guru, spoke about life and karmas. Huccha Venkat interrupted, reminding him that he was not talking about his parents. There was chaos when few others raised their voice to stop Venkat.